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Feb 20, 2009 01:18 PM

San Jose/Cupertino Dim Sum Posts - Updates Please

I've been reading a lot of San Jose and Cupertino dim sum posts, but many of them are outdated and older. Most of them seem to be at least 6 months old. I've had a lot of dim sum everywhere. I've been to almost every notable place in SF,Oakland and Millbrae/San Mateo (at least 15 restaurants, not including take-out) to find one I can always go to, I always hear friends and people from South Bay flaunt that dim sum in Cupertino is great and much better on average than SF. I'm not sure I buy that but I'm hoping to find something good. What's the best to offer around the South?

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  1. The top (at least in popularity) South Bay dim sum restaurants are pretty much

    Dynasty in Cupertino
    Joy Luck Place in Cupertino
    HK Saigon Seafood Harbor (if I got that name right) in Sunnyvale

    though I would not say they are anywhere near the calibur of the upper Peninsula around Millbrae or Koi Palace, but for the South Bay I don't think there are any better places but would love to know if there are others off my radar.

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        Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor is inconsistent, but declining in careful preparation.

        Last visit was ~2 months ago. Some steamers were packed so that the wrappers stuck together and 3 or 4 pieces were wrecked and tragically hard to get out and eat. Siu mai were close to baseball size and the filling was indistinct but rubbery. Har gow had lots of "filler" and shrimp were tasteless. Cha siu bao were bad in 2 ways -- dough was gummy and filling was one-dimensional, tasting like chunky hoisin sauce.

        One of my friends said "it's lucky the food is served in little steamers, otherwise the restaurant couldn't throw it around from start to finish."

        I hesitate to post negative comments, but this place has earned it repeatedly. I doubt I could be convinced to return. YMMV, good luck.

        1. re: anyhow

          I've yet to go and experience it for myself, but did when they were under a previous name and management years ago (and they were average then). Good to half decent dim sum is hard to find. Can't really expect much, but Dynasty has been good to us last 2 visits in past 2.5 years.