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Feb 20, 2009 01:13 PM

PC Thai Curries

Just wondering if anyone out there knows who the original supplier/manufacturer is for the PC Thai curry sauces. The Yellow curry was a staple in my household and now it looks like they've discontinued it. It was so simple, 1 lb stew beef to sauce and simmer for 30-40 min. The green curry wasn't as sweet or hot. Just tried their new red curry in the bottle and it's awful!

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  1. From my experiences it would probably be Dow Chemical...

    1. While I have no idea, many of their sauces over time have been made by Renee's.

      1. I have to agree. On a whim and out of laziness (which I'm embarrassed to admit, as I generally make my own curry pastes), I decided to try their red curry sauce in a jar and it was appallingly bad.

        Their frozen chicken in red curry, however, is surprisingly good.

        1. I was just at the loblaws on yonge just south of york mills and they had tons of it. Hope that helps.

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            PC recently changed their Thai curries (Green and yellow) from a tin can with a pull top on it, to a bottle. I found the old curries were good. Green was o.k. but yellow was very, very good and properly spiced. My wife and I would go through two tins a week. The new curry in a bottle is dreadfully awful, particularly absent is the spicing and lack of keffir lime leaves.

            I'd love to know if anyone knows who made the tin curries for PC. I was guessing maybe ARROY-D, but their tins are very different and all I can find is their coconut milk now. These PC curries were product of Thailand.

            1. re: currycue

              Finally tried Arroy-D brand red curry in the tin last night. Not bad. Could use some more heat/chili, but not bad. Certainly not as good as the old PC Yellow curry, but FAR superior to the new PC Thai curries in the bottle. The search continues...