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Feb 20, 2009 01:01 PM

Breakfast and Lunch in Guelph?

I will be staying in Guelph for one week next week, and would like recommendations on inexpensive breakfast & lunch places.

- within 15-20 mins from Hanlon Parkway and Laird Road
- with parking
- ideally under $10, under $15 okay
- any cuisine, no allergies
- take out or eat in

...or, if there is a place to avoid at all risk tell me:)

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  1. Angel's Diner at 23 Wellington St E in downtown Guelph is a great place to go for a quick, inexpensive breakfast. They serve breakfast all day, and their menu is quite extensive. They are also open for lunch. Not haute cuisine, but certainly filling and great value

    1. Golden Basil on Stone Road has a dependable vietnamese beef noodle soup.

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      1. Breakfast - must try Eggcetra it is THE breakfast placfe these days - also good for lunch.

        Lunch must do Borealis in the south end very close to whee you are staying and Woolwich Arm in downtown same owner GREAT local food selections

        Best Thai in town is found way north of you on Woodlawn road Ben Thanh

        Near UofG is Shakespeare Arms also good for lunch

        Nice Greek food is Greek Garden Cafe at Victoria and York (same general area as Eggcetra)