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Feb 20, 2009 01:00 PM

Child friendly restaurants in Montreal???

My husband and I will be travelling from NYC to MOntreal in May. We will have our 17 month old boy with us. Anyone out there with some restaurant suggestions would be much appreciated. He is not the type of child to sleep through dinner - more like point, make strange noises, and maybe throw some food on the ground - argg.
We realize that nice dinners might be out of the question....just looking for good food - any ethnicity. We love Greek, Italian, Thai and anything truely "local". ALso, we are staying near Chinatown so any suggestions there (especially dimsum) would also be appreciated.

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  1. If you don't mind eating early you can go to nice dinners at 5pm and easily bring your son. I've seen kids at Au Pied du Cochon sharing fries and poutine while the parents wolf down foie gras. That's truly local. I've also had nice lunches with kids along in strollers at Reservoir (chef-driven market cuisine) and Chuch (vegetarian Thai) .. no high chairs though. Places like L'Anecdote (great hamburgers) and La Banquise (poutine) usually have colouring books.

    Chinatown is very easy for eating out with kids. We like Maison Kam Fung for dimsum, not too late so you aren't waiting in line for half an hour. And we've had some really nice meals lately at Mon Nan on Clarke in Chinatown. Vietnamese food is very good in Montreal so you might want to look at some of the posts here for good suggestions. There are also a lot of old threads if you search "kid-friendly" on this board.

    You might enjoy going to the Jean Talon market on a Saturday and eating snacks along the way there. Lots of interesting food to try and I find it to be very child-friendly .. my boys usually given free candy in every shop we pass.

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      I have to second the rec for Au Pied de Cochon. I went a couple of times with since he was born (he's now three) and never had any problem. When he was pretty young, they even warmed the baby food we had brought for him and they did so with a smile. Le Petit Alep (Syrian/Armenian food) is also child-friendly and delicious.

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        Thanks for all the suggestions...and time frames! What time is the market held on Saturdays?

        1. re: tamayefamily

          Jean Talon Market Hours of Operation:

          Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat: 7:00AM to 6:00PM

          Thu, Fri: 7:00AM to 8:00PM

          Sun: 7:00AM to 5:00PM.

          1. re: rcianci

            Great ! Thanks!
            Any suggestions on "must try" food while at the market?

            1. re: tamayefamily

              i believe there will still be the maple sugar stand, from which you could (and should!) sample maple taffy. Bring wet naps, as little ones get sticky quite fast.

              1. re: alixium

                Holder on McGill in old montreal is quite good French-Brasserie, and kid friendly-also Via Roma or Cafe International in little Italy

      2. I was at The Main in the summer with a one and a half year old, she demolished almost half a hamburger and plenty of fries(!). And smoked meat about as local as it gets.

        on St. Laurent just above Cuthbert (below Duluth).