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Feb 20, 2009 12:04 PM

Citifield Chow

I found this helpful link, summing up the available chow at Citi Field:

I don't see Leo's/Mama's anywhere on this list.

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  1. It all sounds good. I am particularly excited about Blue Smoke, Shake Shack and the frites. But I am sure I will soon go back to bringing empanadas into the ballpark. I am sure the prices will be out of this world.

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    1. re: Val55

      actually, the shake shack prices are listed on the shake shack website. only $1 for the burgers, but the fries have been marked up a bunch.

      1. re: jon

        Oh no. Is that menu you listed the definite one for citi field? It doesn't list the 'shroom burger! Whatever will I do! I love those things.

        1. re: LNG212

          I emailed the citi field shack people and got this response:

          **Thank you so much for being a Shack Fan and loving our ‘Shroom Burger. We love it too! Unfortunately, we don’t have the proper facilities at the Stadium to produce it like we can at The Shack, but someday we hope to be able to add it to the menu. In the meantime, you can always have our cheese fries and shakes. We promise to take your idea to heart and work on it for the future. See you soon at Citi Field!**

    2. I spoke with the ladies at Mama's who told me they will have two stalls at Citifield. When I spoke with them a couple of weeks ago they were still selecting locations.

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      1. re: Greg

        That's good. Although I have to admit, the stadium sandwiches are never as good as straight from the deli. I ty to stop by the deli before day games...

        1. re: abu applesauce

          They're still pretty f-ing good. My sister refuses to eat anything else.

          1. re: Mark Alberts

            they were probably the best food in all of shea for the past few years, including the food in the grill room and diamond club. everything else was borderline inedible. i've heard fans say they just want a beer and a hot dog at the ballpark, but when the hot dogs are as bad as they were at shea, you know whoever is saying that has never been to more than 1 game. having shake shack, blue smoke, etc. is a HUGE improvement and means that as long as the price isn't ridiculous i won't have to bring my own food in anymore.

            1. re: jon

              just a follow up, this is a great interview with USHG re: the different foods at citi field...


              1. re: jon

                Despite living in Queens, I'm actually a Yankees fan and a Mets disliker, but the discrepancy between what's being offered in Citifield vs. the new Yankee Stadium is pretty startling--the Mets are offering the clear chow destination whereas the Yanks are offering... Hard Rock cafe. Actually, the one piece of good news for Yankees' fans is Carl's Steaks is reportedly going to have a couple of outposts in the new Yankee Stadium, but other than that, the Mets are offering much better options.

                1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                  I was really happy to see the Mets take a local approach with the food. New York is known around the world for great food so it's about time the parks represent that.

                  The Yankees ended up making more of a shopping mall experience with chains like Hard Rock and Johnny Rockets.

          2. re: Greg

            I stopped in to Mama's on Thursday (3/12/09) and they said their two locations are in the Promenade and also in the Market Cafe area on the field level. They also said that they will have a back room at the stadium to prepare their sandwiches there, something they didn't have at Shea. Can't wait!

          3. Was at Citi Field this morning and got there before there were any lines. We ordered the pulled pork at Blue Smoke but it wasn't ready yet, so they offered us the ribs at the same price. Happy accident because they were outrageously good, and we were satisfied with what we got, even had we paid the $10 price instead of the $9 we paid. They were meaty, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. They could have used a bit more sauce maybe, but my husband had it all over his face, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

            1. We too were at the Sunday Workout Day. And like irishnyc, DH wanted a pulled pork from Blue Smoke but took the ribs when it didn't look like the pork would be ready any time soon. He loved it and ate all of them and, yes, he too had sauce all over his face.

              We also had:
              --Box Frites with chipotle katsup. Fries were excellent. I got the first batch out of the fryer for the morning. Salted perfectly (I hate oversalting). Crispy with lots of potato-y goodness on the inside (and not the same kind of potatoes used by Shake Shack). The katsup was even better. Too bad we couldn't get that for just any old fries. I think I licked the end of it out of the little plastic cup. :)
              --Shake Shake burger & fries. Burger as usual. But we thought they were a little skimpy with the Shack sauce. Fries tasted as usual too but were at least really fresh and hot. They were moving like crazy there. Oh and we had the Shackmeister beer with I liked more than the other Brooklyn beers I've tasted. It went down so smoothly.
              --Cascarino's grandma slice. The Cascarino's location in Center Field (near Blue Smoke has gas-fired stoves where they really make the pizza instead of that premade reheated nastiness they always served at Shea. I got the grandma slice on whole wheat. I cannot give an adequate review of the crust because I got the slice and was waiting for DH to get back from Shake Shack so we could share. Needless to say I got done waaaaay before he did. So the pizza sitting in its box didn't help the crust stay crisp. But the cheese (2 kinds they told us), the oregano on top, and the plum tomato sauce (a bit sweet, but good) were quite good. I liked it a lot. I think had I eaten it right away, the crust would have been better than it was. It had good flavor (I like whole wheat) but I couldn't judge the crispiness part.

              We are glad to see there is a Mama's outpost behind the plate on the upper level (where our seats will be this year). Looks like they have the same menu as last year.

              I also really liked that each outfit had aprons embroidered with their names on them -- Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, Box Frites, etc.

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              1. re: LNG212

                that upper deck "promenade" is great. nice to have a variety up there. it's also nice to be able to walk everywhere without getting cut off. hated that about shea. best food in the ballpark: clam and corn chowder from the "fish shack" on the field level. lobster rolls loked good too

                1. re: sarapeater

                  The "fish shack" is being run by David Pasternack, the chef at Esca in the West 40s. We were at Esca on Saturday night and chatted with Pasternack--he's a huge Mets fan who was also a Jets season ticket holder back when they played at Shea. I commented to him about the discrepancy in quality between the food offerings at the two new stadiums, and he said that the Yankees chose vendors based on who was the highest bidders, whereas the Mets came to the Pasternacks and Meyers and offered them partnerships to lure them to their new park. At a press conference at Citifield, Pasternack's name was put on the big video screen, they gave him a Mets jersey with his name on the back, etc, and he described the experience as one of his life's great thrills.

                  1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                    I was out there for one of the exhibition games last weekend and I had the fish sandwich, which was in no way ballpark food. It was hot and tasty, and you could tell that they were using real fish. We also got some Shackburgers and fries, and they were similar to the ones in Madison Square Park, although it was impossible to keep them warm when we ent back to our seats.

                    Overall, its nice to be able to eat some real food at a ballgame. I just hope that the incredibly long lines die down a bit as the season progresses.

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