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Feb 20, 2009 11:43 AM

Rustic Canyon Recommendations?

I'm going on Saturday night. Any recs for specific dishes? I did a search but can only find general positive statements and warnings about the noise level.


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  1. Any and everything on the dessert menu! As for "actual" dinner, I would recommend the pasta dishes. I feel the chef is stronger with those dishes versus the other entrees. And I think I read that they finally installed sound reducing materials so that should help with the noise.

    1. Surprisingly good mussels, the broth isn't watery or too thick, well seasoned with a hint of spicy and the mussels are well sized, I'd recommend these with the fries. Also the lamb is recommended and the donuts!

      The pastry chef from RC just opened Huckleberry down the block on Wilshire but it does close early.

      A miss was the duck rillettes, dry and lacking in quality, especially compared to the other dishes.

      1. On my last visit, we thought the pasta courses were good (but not as good as Fraiche), agree with the mussels rec (really good) and the burger is excellent. Dessert was bizarre and did not taste good.

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          Oh, how could I forget, I second the burger and it comes with fries! Although I do like burger at Josies better.