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Feb 20, 2009 11:42 AM

Thai Lovers? Thai Taste Charlotte

Friends introduced me to this Thai restaurant in Matthews, Thai Taste.
A party of ten and five had never eaten Thai. I was one of the five.(gasp)

This place , IMO was really good. Then again, it was my first experience.
Let me say, I have now found and alternative to Chinese restaurants.
Some "foodies" might say there is no comparison among the two but for me I think I found a new favorite.

We enjoyed the following
Sar Tah, OoOoO good ! Meat on a stick lol
Vegetable roll nice crispy and flavorful
If you like Calamari you must try the Thai version. Pla Muk Tod .
Thai fried rice, excellent.
Jasmine rice, incredibly light and fluffy.
Mee Krob, yum .You wrap them at your table.Do it quick it disappears fast.
OOO the soups, Tom Kha not overly creamy texture with a delicious coconut flavor.
Poh Tak , generous seafood portions in the hot pots (If you like ginger you will love this)
Pad Thai lovers how does this dish rate here at Thai Taste ? Because I LOVED it .
The duck Gaeng Ped is a great combo of curry and pineapple .
O and I think what really makes me say this is an alternative to chinese because I think they make an incredible Thai sesame chicken.
My first Singha beer was sampled here also. Nice and light .

To the service ,I must say I found much humor in the fight amongst "the stars" (how the restaurant determines how much heat you want.

I like it spicy so I said four stars our waitress responds with "TWO stars! good?"
And so on it went with the rest of the table unless they know you.
Funny, but they just want to make sure you know what you want.
Our waitress answered all our questions with knowledge and pleasure.

So Charlotte Thai lovers , Is this the place or will my love fade away once you recommend another?
Be gentle It was my first Thai experience.

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  1. I've only been to the East Blvd. location and think it's excellent. However, I'm one of those who thinks that Monsoon, a few miles south on South Blvd. at Sedgefield Place is just a smidge better. I also love Bangkok Ocha on 51 at Carmel Commons. Thia Orchid at Strawberry Place on Providence is pretty good and close to home. Charlotte is lucky to have so many great Thia places.

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    1. re: southernitalian

      I'm a fan of Bangkok Ocha too. Good food and great service... especially at lunch. I love their curry dishes.

      Hey Ciao, Thai restos are known for talking the newbies out of ordering the food too spicy. They don't think you can handle it and they don't want you sending it back for a re-cook. :)

    2. I love Thai food and I love Pad Thai. Thai Taste on East Blvd. is tops IMHO.
      I am a huge duck fan and they serve Crispy Duck Pad Thai, this dish is IT for me. A shot of Siracha and I'm one happy godfather.

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          1. re: HungryGrayCat

            HA HA !!
            Thanks . I was thinking on the lines of Ouzo, or Limencello shot!
            Good thing I asked.

            1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

              Yesterday my (Thai) wife and I drove to Charlotte to go to the Trader Joe's North Charlotte outlet and we stumbled across the East Blvd. Thai Taste so we went in there for lunch. When we tried to speak Thai to the waitress we found out she and the kitchen staff are Lao, which is absolutely no problem as far as ability to make good Thai food is concerned. I had the chicken larb and my wife had a noodle dish and we were both very pleased with the quantity, spicing and authenticity. Pricing and service were also fine. If we lived in the area we would certainly go there for dinner and would expect that they would do a fine job. There are about 6-7 Thai restaurants in the Asheville area where we live and based on our one short visit to Thai Taste I suspect that none of our Thai restaurants is likely to be as good as Thai Taste.

              1. re: ThaiNut

                Some of our Thai restaurants are staffed by Thailand natives, and some by Laotians. Either way they make good food. I wouldn't mind having some Lao dishes on a menu, but have never seen that.

                If you go to Thai Taste and like it spicy, ask for fresh chilis. Otherwise you might just get a spoonful of dried flakes on top. If they recognize you they will make it hot, even "Thai hot" if you like. Can't blame them for being cautious around litigious Americans :-)

                1. re: billyjack

                  We lived in Honolulu for 3 years and there were a ton of Thai places there. But our favorite was a small place run by a Puerto Rican guy married to a Lao, who was the cook. Absolutely superb and truly authentic food.

                  I'm a Thai linguist and was assigned to the embassy in Bangkok for 12 years. Usually when we go into a Thai place for the first time we send a note, written in Thai, into the kitchen asking the cook to make the real stuff, e.g. fresh chilies vs. dried flakes. We did not have to do that at Thai Taste as the Lao waitress pretty quickly understood that we wanted the real stuff. Curiously, her Lao language was pretty sketchy because she left there as a pre-teen and hadn't kept up on it.

                  1. re: ThaiNut

                    Thats fascinating. I know a few native Thais, and I've had homemade food but have never been in a restaurant with one or anyone who spoke Thai. I haven't really noticed the dried flakes anywhere but Thai Taste - I didn't know other places did that. I used to have fun going to Thai restaurants for the first time and ordering "Thai hot" just to see if they would do it.

                    OT but if anyone here is ever interested in cooking Thai/Laotian food at home - go to the Charlotte regional farmers market. Several Laotian sellers there that have lemongrass, chilis, basil, eggplants, etc...even weird produce with no English name.