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Favorite things to Bar b que

I've been following the "Marinating corn on the cob?" thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/595941
and bbqing the corn.
So I'm interested in what everyones favorite things to bbq are. It also helps me to expand my thoughts and knowledge on the subject.
Yes, we do bbq here in Canada all year round!

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  1. Yup, that's me in the summer.

        1. re: grampart

          Ahhh Bacon put to another good use!

        2. Caesar Salad (cut the romaine in half lengthwise, drizzle w/ EVOO and grill)
          Peaches (then stuff 'em with sweetened mascarpone)
          Eggplant drizzled w/ EVOO, then brushed w/ wasabi mayo
          Corn in the husk
          Tomatoes (cut in half, grill the cut face to carmelize)
          Poblano Peppers & Tomatillos to make my Salsa Verde