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Favorite things to Bar b que

I've been following the "Marinating corn on the cob?" thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/595941
and bbqing the corn.
So I'm interested in what everyones favorite things to bbq are. It also helps me to expand my thoughts and knowledge on the subject.
Yes, we do bbq here in Canada all year round!

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  1. Yup, that's me in the summer.

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          Ahhh Bacon put to another good use!

        2. Caesar Salad (cut the romaine in half lengthwise, drizzle w/ EVOO and grill)
          Peaches (then stuff 'em with sweetened mascarpone)
          Eggplant drizzled w/ EVOO, then brushed w/ wasabi mayo
          Corn in the husk
          Tomatoes (cut in half, grill the cut face to carmelize)
          Poblano Peppers & Tomatillos to make my Salsa Verde

            1. Ribs, pork shoulder and brisket - in that order.

              Grilling is a different conversation altogether.

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                However I think the OP was talking about grilling, not long slow cooking with smoke infusion. He is from Canada, not North Carolina :)

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                    In that case, T-bones and skewered jumbo shrimp over hardwood charcoal. Skirt steak for fajitas would be next. Grilled eggplant for Baba Ghanoush is always good. Portobello mushrooms and Texas toast taste great when grilled as well.

                1. Since it has been established that open-flame grilling is what we're discussing here, I'll say that splitting a chicken by removing the backbone, butterflying it, marinating it in herbs and spicy oil and then putting it into a hinged wire grilling basket leads to some very satisfactory meals around here. I can also do that with two Cornish hens and they'll fit in the same basket. And then after the chicken is cooked, I can heat up the steel vegetable basket and toss in baby potatoes and green beans that have been parboiled, seasoned and then tossed in olive oil, and "stir-grill" them until they're sizzling and beginning to get a little crunchy around the edges.

                  That split basket is really good for fish, too. The best thing about it is it makes turning the food over just a matter of grabbing the handle (with a potholder!) and turning the whole thing.

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                    Will, that's my favorite way to do chickens on the grill. Spatchcocked

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                      Right, and the wire basket makes it easy. There was a thread a while back about how you're gonna turn that thing over without making a mess...

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                        I grill spatchcocked chickens quite often and I've never felt they needed to be turned. The skin gets nice and crispy and the bird is usually done in about 45 minutes.

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                          Will, when I spatchcock a chicken I cut a little hole in the skin flaps near the thigh and tuck the terminal end of the leg bone through the hole. It keeps everything real tight and neat. They turn very easily when the legs aren't flopping around. As Grampart said there usally isn't much need to turm them. On the grill I cook them on indirect heat skin side up. The skin get's crisp but never burns and they cook though in about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the heat.

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                            Aha! You're doing a slow grilling. We like a shorter cooking time over direct heat, so that it's all a little dark and crunchy here and there on both sides, and cooked just enough in the middle. I leave the leg ends out, but cut slits in the skin at the bottom each side of the breast and tuck in the wing-tips. And if it's not grilling weather I can do it in my grill pan, though of course without the basket!

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                        Ditto on the split chickens and hens love them.

                        I may repeat. Grilled romaine, not just caesar, just grilled romaine for a salad with a light bread crumb topping and blue cheese. Amazing or your favorite dressing.

                        Grilled cabbage is wonderful
                        Oysters, mussels, scallops, shrimp and all seafood
                        Grilled stuffed bread with a variety of fillings from mushrooms, shrimp, pesto, tomatoes,
                        cheese, pretty much anything
                        Pizza is great
                        Deserts, small pastry stuffed with fruit is wonderful
                        Vegetables, anything goes for me
                        Stuffed tomatoes and portabellos and peppers

                        I make a great stuffed poblano with, bread, onions, tomatoes, chorizzo and cheese, seasoning and then stuff and grill.

                        Also the same with a stuffed zucchini. Full of chicken or savory sausage, vegetables, good cheese, some fresh bread crumbs and then grilled. It is dinner all by itself. 2 stuffed pieces, a nice side salad and a great bowl of soup as a starter is a perfect light dinner. Still very hearty.

                        Grilled fruit, anything. Bananas are great, pineapple, etc. I love making mini skewers drizzled with honey and ginger which are great. Serve with a vanilla yogurt sauce with some orange zest and mint and desert is great.

                        Also grill some pound cake, just store bought is fine and make a syrup of orange juice ginger, honey, rum, and brown sugar Soak both sides after being cut and then grill just a minute or less on each side. A great warm dish. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and some fresh fruit with the same rum and sugar added to flavor the berries and a scoop of ice cream and what a simple desert.

                      3. If we are grilling I like big Costco rib-eyes or fresh caught steelhead or Salmon.

                        If I am smoking low and slow then it would be brisket, ribs and butts.

                        1. If a fish person, I like thick slices of cod or halibut or any thick white fish and cut into 1" square strips. Wrap 1-2 pieces of bacon around them and grill. 1-2 minutes per side is great. Now I do like to season the fish first with some salt and pepper and my favorite a mix of dijon and honey. It goes great with the fish and honey, Just a light coating and it is great. A simple easy quick dish. You can use bigger pieces if you want. This size just works the best. I have even skewered it and then grilled. Makes a fun party food too. Lots of fun and tasty. Pancetta also makes a good wrap if you don't want to use bacon.

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                          2. hot-sweet-caramelized: grilled pineapple slices

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                              Also mango, same way. Both great!

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                                Oh yes, grilled pineapple is awesome. We make grilled pineapple and avocado salad in the summers. Dust pineapple with cayenne pepper and a little sugar, grill, then toss in a salad with cucumbers, a little chopped jalapeno, a little chopped red onion, and diced avocado with a little olive oil & lemon juice dressing.

                              2. Split chicken, remove the backbone, and lay flat.
                                Rotiserrie, with lime's and garlic, cilantro marinade
                                ribs cooked in mircowave, then out to the bbq for slow. use pork babyback, and my homemade bbq sauce - carolina sauce
                                salmon - with lemon and caper parsely
                                pork chops, marinated in wine, garlic peri peri, and make Portugese style, like vin d'hos.
                                (think that's how to spell it.)
                                and I also love shrimp- just skewer, and marinade, watch. Only a couple of minutes per side for large shrimp.Oh and scallops! The big ones, just wipe and out a little olive oil.

                                1. Figs stuffed w/goat cheese wrapped in bacon.

                                  1. breakfast.

                                    bacon, toast and mushrooms over the flame grill, eggs, spinach and tomatoes on the hot plate

                                    1. The barbecue stands that set up late at night here in Chengdu are great and very simple. You choose the skewers of what you want and as stuff cooks, it is brushed with sesame oil, then salt, then hot pepper, then sichuan pepper, and sometimes cumin, and finally msg (I always ask for less).

                                      I like to get mostly veg - cauliflower, eggplant, cucumbers, lettuce as suggested, thin slices of potato, whole green peppers, thin slices of lotus root, moyu (konnyaku), rice cake (年糕; fantastic texture) , steamed raised rice cake (米糕; slight sweetness sets off the spice so well), different kinds of mushrooms, already boiled dumplings

                                      Meat options: strips of chicken skin on skewers (these crisp up amazingly), thin sliced gizzards, ribs alternating with hot peppers, very thin slices of beef, spicy thin sausages, chicken wing tips, chicken hearts, lamb cubes