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Feb 20, 2009 10:44 AM

huge dutch oven? what do you cook in for a crowd?

Ok, so I use my 6qt enameled cast iron dutch oven all the time. But it's actually not that huge for cooking for a big group.

Do you use a bigger one? Or are they just too heavy at 7-8-9 qts?

What do you cook in if you're braising for a crowd?

I do have bigger stainless steel pots, but they're pretty much stovetop only. But does an 8 qt stainless steel pot make more sense?

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  1. When my 5.5 LC is full my DH has to lift it. Back issues make it impossible for me. I do have a beautiful Castle Copper 5 qt. (stainless lined) that is a bit easier on me.

      1. various stews

        1. I have an 8qt LC oven. I use it often in the winter on Sundays to cook for my family. I usually cook at home and transport to my parents house. It gets pretty heavy. I typically make my husband carry it to and from the car and house when full. On the rare occasion I use it at home I can handle pulling it out of the oven and onto the stovetop but again it does get heavy.

          1. I have an 8 quart Lodge Dutch oven that I use for real crowds. That thing is HEAVY!