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Feb 20, 2009 10:32 AM

Commercial Center - home to LOS (Vegas)

Has anyone been to any of the other restaurants in Commercial Center? Last summer I foolishly tried to go to Lotus without a reservation and wound up eating at Komal, another Thai restaurant right there. The meal we had was pretty good. While I don't see myself going to the Commercial Center other than to eat at LOS, I'm wondering if maybe there aren't some other hidden gems over there. You never know.

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  1. Once upon a time Commercial Center was the pulse of Asian food in Las Vegas, long before the whole Chinatown area on Spring Mountain developed. Can anyone remember "San Francisco Bay"? A Hong Kong seafood house that had a particularly great atmosphere late-night on weekends, with tanks filled with lobster and fresh crabs. Sadly they did not make it to this millennium (more for legal reasons than restaurant traffic), as has been the case with a few others.

    There are some places that have stood up to the test of time - "Komol" being one of them. While LOS may be the best Thai restaurant in Las Vegas it would not be a stretch to put Komol near the top of any list, especially with one of the biggest vegetarian menus in the city (I am a huge LOS fan, but like the fact that Komol is open at times of day when LOS is not, to help deal with cravings). "Tokyo" would not come across as cutting edge in any way, compared to the many new Japanese offerings we now have, but I believe they have been in their same location for 23-24 years, which is a feather in their cap. "Jin Mee" offers authentic Korean food, along with some Chinese items on a long menu. And "Birrieria Jalisco" has been a surprising success story - they went from being a small storefront only offering birria based on how hungry you were (small-medium-large) to taking over and expanding into the space next door, and actually creating a menu - you order now based on the specific parts of the goat that you prefer. There are several other restaurants open in the center, but the lack of consistency precludes any recommendations.

    Sadly, the Clark County Redevelopment Agency has a project on the table (SOSA - "South of Sahara Avenue") that would level all of Commercial Center, along with a couple of blocks of apartments to the west of it, for redevelopment, though it is highly doubtful in these economic times that those plans see the light of day for many years, if ever.

    1. QAW has done a terrific job of summarizing the restaurants, and I agree with the assessments. There is often turnover in the Korean restaurants in the CC, and I've never found one I've been enthusiastic about.

      That's very cool about Jalisco -- they used to look at me funny when I did eat the birria inside -- I never was joined by anyone else.

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        Can't recall the name of the place I went to in that center a few years ago, don't think it was any of the ones mentioned so far. It was a small place where the entrance was on the outside of the center (facing away from the parking area for LOS) and if I recall served served mostly Korean but some Chinese. It was nothing worth going back for, which is probably why I can't remember the details too well at this point, lol.

      2. Thanks for the input. Funny thing, John Curtas just wrote about one of the Korean places in Commercial Center on his website. I may try lunch at one of these little spots one day.

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          That location has had a checkered past, to say the least. it was a Mexican seafood specialist for many years, then a GLBT center, then another Korean place, and now Jin Mee. As I recollect, Curtas didn't really evaluate the food at Jin Mee -- he was too busy snarking about the CC.

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            Quick question kind of on topic: how far in advance do you recommend making a reservation at LOS? Do they take them for only 2 people? Also, I'll be going there on a Wednesday night - is it slower in the middle of the week?

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              It never hurts to reserve as soon as you know your date, although mid-week is a little easier. There is also no problem reserving for two people.

        2. I've seen the reservation book many times and not that many people make reservations that far in advance. It's definitely less of a problem during hte week. Often every table will be occupied, but in my experience there's rarely a lot of people waiting around on a weeknight.

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            Thx for the good feedback. Now, my only concern is getting there before they close...