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Feb 20, 2009 10:30 AM

A Party for 300

I'm getting married !!! I am looking for a restaraunt that seats 300. I have a big family. I want to spend around 75 to 100 per person inluding drinks. No chinese banquets. I also want vegetarian dish as an option. I looked at traxx but did not like it. Thanks in advance

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  1. try olympic collection in west LA. they can accommodate that size, but not sure how the food is. must be okay if Shaq had his bday party there years ago!

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      I'm trying to find a restaraunt instead banquet hall. There might not be a restaraunt that size

      1. re: yoyo

        the largest one i know is i cugnini in santa monica which seats 250--not quite big enough for you.

      2. re: samtron608

        the food at OC is awesome! they catered my wedding at the Biltmore last March and we've had 3 parties at the Olympic collection this past year as well!

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        1. If you start with a caterer, they can help you with a venue. That might give you a few more options. I really like Auntie Em's. They do a lot of weddings, and really work with you to get the event, food and budget that you want. Besides, their food is terrific.

            1. re: aliris

              Thanks. I'm going to give Aunt Em a call

              1. re: yoyo

                I just got married to my beautiful bride last April and we had 320 people at the Twin Palms in Pasadena. The food was actually quite good. We got an appetizer platter, the duo of salmon and steak with potatoes au gratin and mixed vegetables, a mixed greens salad, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. We got JJ Bakery to make us 320 of their strawberry mochi and placed in it as a first dessert. Twin Palms actually plated the mochi for us for free. We only spent $45 a person with no alcohol and no room charge. It was a saturday lunch. I'm sure that you can get more with your budget.

                1. re: nomo_fan

                  Oh, forgot about Twin Palms! It is quite big, but keep in mind that you have some guests inside and some guests outside. Do they still have a cover for the patio? If not, be sure not to book it in months that could have rain!

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                    I had a beautiful wedding reception at Twin Palms 2 years ago and it was amazing. I did a custom buffet - I adapted a few of the items they had from their Sunday Brunch and then added 2 carving stations. I also did a dessert bar and I was not only able to have an alcohol bar, but a coffee bar (I hired a mobile coffee company to provide, espressos, lattes, mochas, coffees, teas, smoothies - over 21 choices) and I did a "pick a chunk of chocolate bar" - I brought in a 25 pound chunk of Belgian chocolate and provided a little pick axe and shovel as well as a chocolate fountain and provided 2 dozen different types of chocolates in the color of our wedding, plus fruit, pretzels, etc...I had about 150 guests in early March, but the place could have easily held 500 and the price was very reasonable! The reception was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL but I can't say that about my ex-husband....

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