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Feb 20, 2009 10:28 AM

late-night hangout between s. monica + hollywood

My friend is coming from Santa Monica, and I'm coming from Hollywood. Is there any place somewhere in the middle for us to meet for drinks tonight?

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  1. Culver City is pretty central to Santa Monica and Hollywood. Are you looking for someplace to drink or do you want food, too?

    Is location your only concern or are there other considerations?

    Century City might also be in the middle of the two of you.

    1. Or Beverly Hills. You don't give much info about what your requirements are but you might check out Maison 140, which is right on the edge of Beverly Hills and Century City. It's a cool, quiet place to grab a cocktail.

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        sorry for lack of info! im thinking somewhere in culver city would be great. more dive-y than swanky and not too loud. thanks to you both