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Great new BBQ in Urbana, IL

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In the old Tod and Jon's bar space on Broadway in Urbana is Black Dog BBQ and Ale House, Pleasant space inside, and what bbq! I am a big fan and regular patron of Hickory River on Cunningham in Urbana, but the quality here is better, this is without a doubt the best I have had in this area. I would going during off-peak times for a while, lunch hour today was slammed, and with table service things take awhile. Here is a link to one of the CU food blogs, which covers things quite well.


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  1. Had ribs from Black Dog this past weekend. Take out. My niece ordered 10 racks for the family get together after running the 1/2 marathon ( Illinois Marathon weekend)

    Meaty. Tasty. Included a hot sauce, a peach sauce and a sauce in the North Carolina style. all very good--with sauce or without.

    Highly recommended.