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Feb 20, 2009 09:52 AM

Great new BBQ in Urbana, IL

In the old Tod and Jon's bar space on Broadway in Urbana is Black Dog BBQ and Ale House, Pleasant space inside, and what bbq! I am a big fan and regular patron of Hickory River on Cunningham in Urbana, but the quality here is better, this is without a doubt the best I have had in this area. I would going during off-peak times for a while, lunch hour today was slammed, and with table service things take awhile. Here is a link to one of the CU food blogs, which covers things quite well.


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  1. Had ribs from Black Dog this past weekend. Take out. My niece ordered 10 racks for the family get together after running the 1/2 marathon ( Illinois Marathon weekend)

    Meaty. Tasty. Included a hot sauce, a peach sauce and a sauce in the North Carolina style. all very good--with sauce or without.

    Highly recommended.