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Feb 20, 2009 09:01 AM

thoughts on sushi inn and loire

Feeling resentful...
After reading Loire was one of J. Kate's "10 best of 08," I went. Have that resentment in pit of stomach when it's $130 for two and not worth it, not one bit. I had the famed steak/frites in shallot sauce: tiny portion of tepid, grizly flank diplayed in fanned-out medallions as though prime meat. (Isn't the charm of steak frites its unpretentious, casual presentation? Here, very much mutton dressed as lamb.) One-note meagre drizzle of shallot sauce begged for salt. No visible side, though advertised to come with a roasted garlic polenta. That's it. I'm 118 lb and not enough for me. I wonder if off night, or as usual, are we simply not a world-class dining city or do many people just not really know their food.

Sushi Inn scam revealed...
Have always gone. Convenient Cumberland location. Finally figured out what's wrong with the place; their goal is to upsell you as much as possible and rush you out, i.e. in under 15-20 min.. I tried to relax with a book, while listening to two young philosopher boys debate the world in their sweet, intense 19-year-old way. My sushi came after two slurps of miso, and my dishes were whisked as soon as I put the last piece to my lips. He hovered as I continued to read and sip tea. I finally confronted him, gently asking if they were urged to rush customers as quickly as possible. He admitted it was so. Never going back. I'm not a loiterer at a donut counter. The place is not cheap or good enough to pull that stuff.

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  1. Can you put the question out there about people not really knowing their food and in the same breath admit that you're a regular at sushi inn?

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      That is so EXACTLY what I was going to write!

      God, I tried every "Japanese" place with walking distance of Victoria Campus and Sushi Inn was the worst by FAR. I have been dragged back by others once and it was just as awful. Being a regular there really takes a knock out of your credibility for me.

    2. Hehe... funny.

      I am still really looking forward to trying out Loire... despite your writings!

      One of the owners, Sylvan (ex-Sommelier of Langdon Hall) is a splendid fellow and so it is with some anticipation I will make a reservation for my GF and myself.

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      1. re: Non Doctor

        We went there last week for lunch. We had steamed mussels, charcuterie, rainbow trout and Angus beef burger. We were quite full & had no room for dessert. We enjoyed our meal, except the fries were soggy. The expresso & cuppincino were ok. We'll return as we like the food.

      2. I agree that sushi inn is not great. they live off their location. that is the only reason it is so crowded all the time. but they have to get you in and out....that crowd is right by the space to put them. their miso soup and salad are gross also.