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Feb 20, 2009 08:37 AM

Top Chef - Prediction

The finale is almost upon us. I would be shocked if Hosea is even in the running, but according to things I've read this guy has won numerous cooking competitions and despite the way this show has portayed him, a master of seafood. This could be a huge advantage if he wows them at the final meal. Carla will probably play one dish safe, because she has won with safe dishes, and I'm sure she'll put together a nice dessert. Honestly while many feel he's the favorite, I think Stefan is the long shot. I think his belief that he's better than everyone else will truly bite him. I also don't think he's as adventurous as the others. He does well when told what to do, but has struggled when he has to come up with ideas on his own.

My pick to win is Carla. I think she has been the most consistent competitor over the last 4- weeks, and has avoided any catastrophes. I think she will make something simple for the appetizer, something spectacular for the entree and finish it off with something refreshing for the dessert. .

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  1. I agree with all of your points.
    All along I thought Stefan would be a shoe-in - but after the last performance - I'm not so sure. And in fact I'm surprised he made it!
    But then again, I think to be so close to going home might have put a match under his butt, and he may wake up and pull off a spectacular meal. He certainly has it in him!

    My bet is on Carla because she has been on a roll, and has really found her groove. She has it in her to create something simple, but really well put-together and delicious.

    Hosea - well he may be able to pull it off, but I would be surprised.
    From the preview clip - it looks like he does something to screw with Stefan...and that could only come back to haunt him!

    I can't wait!!

    1. I DON'T like him so this isn't a hope, but I think it'll be Hosea. I think that makes the most sense with all the "it won't be who you think" leaks. At this point just about everything I read has Carla winning.
      So I hope it will be Carla. I'm afraid it'll be Hosea.

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      1. re: AMFM

        I'm going to ditto everything AMFM has said - I'd much rather have Carla win, but if the leaks go the way they might, it'll be Hosea. Which, to me, is like Ilan winning in TC2. (Not that I wanted Marcel to win either - Sam was my guy back then. <g>)

      2. With Gail and Emeril and everyone else stressing how the finale isn't at all what it seems, and how the winner isn't who we all think it is, I am so, so afraid it's Hosea.

        I just can't stand the guy. (Caveat before I get jumped on -- I can't stand the "Hosea" that has been on our TV screens the past few months. I have no idea if that's the real him or a creation of the editors, but since we're talking about a TV show, I'm talking about the "Hosea" on the TV show). I have no patience for people who are so needy and insecure. And I don't see how someone can be a "top chef" when they lack all confidence in their abilities.

        I'm almost dreading next week I'm so nervous! If he wins it'll be like Ilan's win all over again. Grrr.....

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        1. re: charmedgirl

          "If he wins it'll be like Ilan's win all over again. Grrr....."


          GO TEAM HOOTIE!!!!!!!!!

          1. re: charmedgirl

            If he wins it'll be like Ilan's win all over again.
            Wow - I hadn't even read your response before I said the exact same thing to AMFM's post above.

            1. re: charmedgirl

              Re " I can't stand the "Hosea" that has been on our TV screens the past few months. I have no idea if that's the real him or a creation of the editors, but since we're talking about a TV show, I'm talking about the "Hosea" on the TV show)."

              I live in Boulder, have often eaten at Jax and know Hosea personally -- not a close friend, but I have met him several times and have a favorable impression of him. That's what I dislike about so-called "reality television ." It's unreal, with set-up shows, made-up conflicts, selective editing and, for a cooking program, too much emoting and not enough cooking. I wouldn't watch at all if I weren't interested in how the locals are doing. Give me a "real" cooking show on PBS rather than a "reality" show on an entertainment network any day.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                that's fair. i think we at least all know that we should take the personality with a bit of a grain of salt because of editing. also that personalities change when living in such a difficult environment - i doubt that mine would change for the better. :) in fact i am quite certain i would be the whiny, lazy one because those might be qualities of my personality that got heightened in a stressful environment. not proud of it, but....
                still i think it makes those who do well on the show - who cook well and manage to say nothing bad that can be taken out of context and edited against them - look extra great. not that you should really hold it against someone else.

                i mean when i "root' for one college team am i really saying that everyone at the other is awful? no. just that i like the other. i'd be sad if hosea won (okay sad is even a strong word, it is just a show i have fun watching each week - disappointed, maybe?) because there are others i have really learned to like and he has done nothing to particularly impress me on tv. last week his food looked good - he'd have greatly benefitted if leah had gone home earlier. he doesn't have to have impressed you on tv because he already has in person. fair enough!

                if you prefer real PBS cooking shows, watch those. and hosea signed up for this - so it's hard to feel too bad for him! he's in the top 3 at worst, CAN'T be bad for business!

            2. He does well when told what to do, but has struggled when he has to come up with ideas on his own.
              Re: your comments about Stefan. He would SO disagree with this statement! He thinks he's the only one with imagination! LOL

              1. I still think Stefan has the best skills and is the one to beat.

                My twist: Carla wins while the testosterone driven boys butt heads to take one another out. Baldness has been linked to high testosterone levels.

                If Hosea wins, I'd be very disappointed and disillusioned with the show. The seafood chef that can't cook seafood wins TC. Hmmm... something wrong there.

                Stefan is only 36? He looks mid-40's.

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                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                    Oh my gosh - I too will be sick if Hosea wins, (yes, just as I was when Ilan won!!)

                    Did anyone see the preview clip when Hosea says "Screw you Stefan" and does the double middle finger!??!
                    He is acting like a spoiled child - and that's not editing - that was all Hosea right there.

                    I think Stefan looks older because his eyebrows are so blonde they appear to be gray! His skin is smooth - I think Stefan is HOT!

                      1. re: NellyNel

                        Stefan is sexy. Put his little arrogance to the side, hands down he is the best chef, regardless of how he does on one challenge. His execution, overall is excellent. OVERALL, he is top chef, whether he wins it or not. Carla is good, but not amazing Chef good, and Hosea...he's okay. It makes for good tv little rivalry between him and Stefan.

                        I really don't want Hosea to win, just like everyone else here. I can't stand how obsessed Hosea is with Stefan and everything he does. It's like nails on a chalkboard watching him on TV. I was upset to see Favio go, but alas. I agree, if he wins...yes,it reminds me of Ilan..

                        1. re: schatziek

                          Funny, during season two when Ilan was on, I HATED Ilan, as well as Betty and Elia - (or I guess I should say - I hated thier "personas")
                          I thought it was just me!
                          I recall everyone hating Marcel and really liking the rest...
                          I guess the "head shaving" incident must have changed folks minds!
                          That and Sam getting knocked out!

                          1. re: NellyNel

                            It's funny, because I never hated Marcel. I hated Ilan because he was so whiny. Marcel was a much better chef than Ilan. I know he was a good looking guy, but Sam was average at best when it came to cooking. I think the biggest difference this year to others was that nobody truly hated anyone else. Marcel and Ilan truly seemed to hate each other.

                            1. re: jhopp217

                              agree completely with your post. well maybe sam was better than average. but i think marcel was the best that season (maybe cliff but we'll never know). he is ridiculously immature but ilan is a weasel and that is far worse in my book.

                    1. re: dave_c

                      Dave, I will be in shock too, but apparently Hosea is an excellent chef, and possibly the most "celebrated" of the group. He has won numerous awards, including a seven year reign in one competition alone. He's worked with some incredible people, and has quite the reputation in Denver.