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Feb 20, 2009 08:16 AM

Where to find Panang Curry Paste

Hi there..

I am trying to find Panang curry paste, in stock. We went to T&T, down at Cherry, and I've tried one of the supermarkets on Spadina (the largest one on the east side closest to Queen) but neither of them had it in stock.

I'm trying to recreate Salad King's Thai Islamic Noodle, as it the most addictive dish I know of!

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  1. Those are the places I would have thought of. The last time I bought some was on Spadina.

    1. On Spadina there are four major Asian supermarkets. You need to go back there. I get Panang curry paste there all the time. It's around 89 cents for a small can of the maesri brand. There is a liquor store around Nassau and Spadina. That marks the upper boundary of the four supermarkets. The lower boundary is probably the one you went to, a couple blocks north of Queen on the east side. Across from the liquor store, and down half a block is "Oriental Harvest". They probably have it. If not, try the other (east side). Walk south until you hit the first supermarket. Those two are my favourites out of the four on Spadina.

      1. I think I have seen it at Soon Lee. They have a lot of goods from every part of south east Asia.

        Soon Lee
        629 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1J, CA