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Feb 20, 2009 08:15 AM

Hard Hat Report Volume 2

Looks like Cedar Park is booming:

Tijuana Roadhouse is now hiring in the Buttercup Plaza (where SpringHill used to be near Thamnak Thai).

King Noodle (advertises vietnamese noodles on the banner) is coming soon on Cypress Creek Road in the Galleria at Red Oak shopping center.

Berry Cool Frozen yogurt is coming soon on Cypress Creek Road between Starbucks and Guadalajara.

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  1. Have you tried "Taps" on Lakeline and Cypress Creek?

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    1. re: beercoop

      Yes, I like it better than Dig Pub

    2. I saw a big vinyl sign up on the storefront that is somewhat adjacent to the Din Ho building (it actually faces 183 though) - "Mister {something}'s European Sports Bar & Grill". It didn't look like it was open yet.

      Considering where it's located, and the cartoon-y top hat and cane that was on the sign, it sounds absolutely ludicrous, but I have to say I'm intrigued.

      1. Watertank Too in Pflugerville has closed and there is a banner that says Doc's Motorworks coming soon.

        1. is ninfa's on 183 reopening? looks like they built a deck and i think i saw a "now hiring" sign.

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          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            I've been wondering the same thing, I drive past it in the mornings and see the neon lights are on. I just haven't managed to make it back by during lunch or later in the days... I always found them to be tasty and what I'd consider above average Tex-Mex. Not the best, but better than many.

            1. re: Defman

              its going to be called twin falls bar and grill. don't know anything more. bummer.

          2. A sandwich place/coffee shop opened at 620 and Lakecreek. Bumdoodlers Sandwiches/Roasters Coffee Haven. Anyone tried it yet?

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            1. re: angthefoodie

              I've had two sandwiches there and both were very good - one a little too generous with the mayo, though... or perhaps the lettuce or tomatoes were still wet when they assembled it. It was dripping like crazy so I had to open it up and blot it with a paper towel.

              The bread is good to me and the ingredients seem fresh. Here is the menu:

              Funny - I was considering ordering the roast beef sandwich and I asked if the roast beef was rare or medium rate. There was a long silence and then the young lady said "what's that?" I saids "what is what?" and she replied "medium rare?". I said "nevermind, I would like the #7 please..."