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President's Choice square pizzas

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Those new PC pizzas any good? They look interesting....

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  1. Eh, they are ok. I didnt find it to be any better or worse than most frozen pizza.

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      I hate to admit it but I'm a fan of the Delicio pizzas. Was wondering if those new PC ones are better...if I should stray from a tried and true. Thanks...

    2. I don't know about the square pizzas. The Wood-Fired Thin crust line is rather flavourless. Their Campania/Napolentana and Chicago-Style lines are an offense to mankind and nature. I'd even eat a McCain's International before I'd have another PC pizza. Obviously the Pres' doesn't eat these himself.

      1. My favourite frozen pizzas by far are the Dr, Oetker Ristorante ones. The four cheese one is particularly good, although I am also partial to the mushroom one. They are the crack of pizzas. You can often get them for $3.99 at No Frills.

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          Have you tried the Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama pizzas? Also very good. Especially the Spicy Pepperoni.

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            YEAH!! Casa di Mama!! My favourite is the Deluxe!

            Hawaiian regularly is my favourite but the cheese is kind of funny on the Casa di Mama Hawaiian...

            My favourite price is $2.99 at Price Chopper ;)

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              Yeah Casa Di Mama are good as well, but not quite as good as the Ristorante ones. I'll try the pepperoni.

          2. I also agree about the Chicago style president's choice pizzas. Utter crap.

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              Hmm, this is all very good to know. Knowledge is power and I thank ya'll for yours.

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                PC used to do quite a nice one, it was swiss cheese and ham. then it just disappeared... I always get a bit nervous when this happens! Hopefully not on the advice of their toxicologists? :)

            2. We tried them and personally, no, didn't like them at all. Absolutely nothing special, very little toppings. Sorry, I can't remember what else it was about them, but we won't buy them again. Just our opinion.

              1. Sobeys Compliments' brand makes a great frozen pizza, in my opinion. It's the only one I actually enjoy eating. It's a thin-crust "Tuscan" pizza with prosciutto, capicollo, asiago and mozzarella cheeses, and it's very tasty. Worth seeking out if you're looking for great FROZEN pizza.

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                  Our Compliments can have some surprisingly pretty good stuff sometimes

                  The cheesy packaging can be deceiving, almost looking no-namish... but there have been some good things (and not so good)

                  One of the better in-house brands IMO, second only to probably PC

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                    dd, did you know that Sobeys sells Kerr Farms beef under their "Our Compliments" line? Did you further know that they sell it for less than at SLM? Did you also know you could go to their butcher and get it custom cut rather than take home the thinly sliced pre-packaged steak? Second to whom exactly?

                    Must try their OC pizza now.