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Feb 20, 2009 07:38 AM

Cafe Minh

Has anyone been recently? I haven't seen anything within maybe 2 years...

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    1. went a few months ago for lunch with a friend- it's always great food

      the execution of the dishes is always above what I expect when I order...the seafood in particular

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      1. re: nolapark

        Wow. Went for lunch Saturday, and it was awful. Not sure if we just ordered wrong, but my whole family was pretty disappointed. The pho was very one-note, the cafe sua da was good, but made in the kitchen instead of at the table, which was disappointing. I know it's a higher-end place, but that's half the fun! Everything was pretty plain, and the prices were double what they are at all the other Viet places here.

        1. re: mikemill

          We've been for lunch a few times within the past 6 mos. Although nothing was "outstanding", everything was good. As I recall, very generous portions. I also remember the crabcakes being a pleasant surprise.

      2. For better and cheaper Vietnamese food, venture out to the Westbank.