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Feb 20, 2009 07:23 AM

Au Trou Normand... Gone or Misplaced?

We used to enjoy the lunches at Au Trou Normand in TST with its great buffet of french treats. After finding it gone some years ago, we assumed it had gone out of business. Has it gone or did it relocate? We will be back in Kowloon soon & would love to know. Is there a good replacement in/near TST?

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  1. the only "true" bistro in HK is The Press Room.....

    I guess 798 is the best of the HK-interpreted ones?

    1. Have not found an acceptable sub at this point--it is sadly true that the wonderful institution Au Trou Normand has gone. They did move up Carnarvon Rd from original locationquite a few years back, but only remained there a few years. After SARS, they were gone as were many wonderful institutions from years gone by......very sad. Gone but absolutely not forgotten!

      1. how sad to hear about this....truly one of my favorite places.