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Feb 20, 2009 07:14 AM

Daniel et Daniel catering (cocktail portion sizes)

I'm planning a cocktail reception and hoping to go with Daniel et Daniel.
I'm thinking to go with their "Stationary Cocktail Reception" but I don't know what the portion sizes are like.

Stationary Cocktail Reception includes:
Smoked Duck Canape
Large Tiger Shrimps with a Traditional Cocktail Sauce.
Cheese Tortellini
Thai Chicken in a Phyllo Basket.
Side of Atlantic Smoked Salmon
A Selection of Dips
Assorted Mini Fresh Fruit Tarts
& Selection of Home-made Baked Goods

Has anyone done this menu? If so, what are the portions like? Would it be enough as a light dinner substitute for the general person? Perhaps some links to photos? (I've already sifted through the galleries on their website.)

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. they catered our wedding party (we got married at city hall so had a cocktail party at a gallery in the Distillery afterwards for friends and fam) and they just did a fantastic job we had many of the above items and there was so much food! The salmon and dips are quite bountiful and we also had a large rustic cheese display. I sadly do not have many pictures of the food.....sorry!

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      i used to work at a place that used daniel and daniel for every event we had - fancy, business lunches, the gamut and no one was ever disappointed. as i recall with the cocktail reception, the food was plentiful for a big crowd and definitely enough as a dinner substitute. there was always TONS left over.

    2. I'm not sure about the exact thing you are asking about but for biz events we have used them, and they we really good. I doubt you'll go wrong.

      1. Thanks again for the responses!
        Though I may end up going with 4 stations, knowing that they tend to have bountiful portions makes me feel better.