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Feb 20, 2009 06:54 AM

Private Party for 12-15, Low Key, Downtown?


I am looking for a good place for my husband's 40th bday. Around 12-15 people, preferably east village/village/soho/lower east side areas. Ideally moderate price, great food, good wine list and low key/relaxed. Favorite foods are mediterranean, turkish, lebanese, tapas.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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  1. What is your idea of "moderately priced?" Thanks.

    1. A few places to investigage:

      Pylos - Greek -

      'inoteca - Italian (small plates) -

      If you're willing to BYO, Limon is a Turkish restaurant . The space is teensy (about 15 seats), so you could take over the entire restaurant.

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        These are great suggestions, thanks.

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          I am thinking no more than $20-$25 for entrees

        2. Alta, Otto, Freemans, 'inoteca, Jane, The Smith, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Stanton Social (although this can get more and more expensive as the night goes on)...Oh, there is a new Boqueria branch downtown. I know the Flatiron one takes reservations for big groups, not sure about the Soho/Nolita one.

          More on birthday dinners:

          1. Supper (LES). Very reasonably priced and you could get the back room for your party ...

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              The back room at Supper is perfect for this. It's completely private and the walk through the wine storage room is cool. I like the food there too, at least when compared with other EV Italian options.

            2. Consider mostly-private dining at Bacaro. It's awesome.


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                We just went to Bacaro recently and the food (new menu) was good not great. You can't beat the private rooms and atmosphere, value pricing though.


                edit: Just read you already had your celebration dinner :)