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Feb 20, 2009 06:53 AM

Dumpling Making Equipment

I've totally gotten into a dim sum making craze lately and have decided to upgrade some of my supplies. I'm heading to Chinatown tomorrow to do a little shopping and I'm looking for some recommendations. Anyone have a favorite wok? Steamer? Tea set ? Favorite shop? The Wok Shop on Grant has been suggested. Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. There is a kitchen supply/hardware store across the street from Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Avenue that sells chinese kitchen goods (they are the Williams Sonoma of chinese cooking gadgets). You can check them out. I don't know the English name but it's called Jing Wo in Cantonese. Perhaps someone knows? They are an old time shop (I consider the Wok Shop as a place that caters to tourists).

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      That would be Ginn Wall Hardware store and has been there for ages.

      Ginn Wall Hardware
      1016 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA

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        When I was looking for a Wok, everything out on Clement street (Kamei, etc.) was very poorly made with awful handles. We ultimately found a big carbon steel wok with very solid handles at Sur la Table, of all places, for about the same price as the junk out on Clement. The wok shop seems to have better products than what we got from Sur la Table, but does anywhere else in Chinatown carry carbon steel woks that have handles that wouldn't sear the skin off my hands and nice thick construction?

      2. If you are comparison shopping, don't forget to check the Stockton Bargain Center across from Walgreens (Stockton between Broadway and Vallejo). It might save you some $$.