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Feb 20, 2009 06:47 AM

Is Craigie brunch kid friendly?

Hi Hounds,
Since having kids, my search for new great restaurant choices has become a search for kid-friendly restaurants with good food that also happen to servce brunch or lunch. I noticed that Cragie has started doing brunch on Sundays- I'd love the opportunity to eat Tony Maws' food more often, but I'm wondering whether the brunch is kid-friendly at all (I have a toddler and a pre-schooler). I've been to the old Craigie street location for dinner many times, and wouldn't dream of taking my kids there for dinner (they are very well behaved children, but they are children). Can anyone who's been to brunch give me some feedback on the atmosphere?

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  1. Are you talking about atmosphere alone (i.e. do your kids eat what you eat, and you're not also asking about a kids menu)?

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      I'm just talking about atmosphere. My kids are pretty discerning about quality for their age, but eat a very wide range of cuisines. I've looked at the on-line menu, and both kids would happily gobble it up....

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        You never know!

        I know how I feel about kid's menus (that they're unnecessary), but other people might feel differently.

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          Understandably, but I think there's a difference between kid-friendly and kid-focused. If a kids' menu is what people are looking for, there are other places to go.

      2. I took my three-year-old there a few weeks ago, didn't have a problem.
        Food-wise: No kid's menu, but the menu online was the same as the one we got there, so you can check if there's something your kids will like (most likely yes).
        Atmosphere-wise: We sat on the bar side of the restaurant, and at least this area is kid-compatible. There was lively conversation at the bar, which set the tone noise-wise. Besides our table, there were just a couple two-tops, so it was kind of secluded.
        One constraint might be group size, we were four adults with a kid in the high chair at the end, I don't think any more would fit.
        What really made it work, though, was the service. It's a lot easier to keep your kid happy when the waitstaff is taking care of all your needs, often without you even needing to ask.

        1. I've only been to dinner, but I think brunch with well-behaved children, especially sitting on the bar side, would work fine. I'm also right with you on kids' menus- they're basically an excuse for parents and restaurants to collude in giving children crappy oily tasteless fried food. Do children's menus that aren't chicken-nugget-based even exist? I could rant on this for a while, but I'll refrain. I think you'll like Craigie, and hope the little ones will too.