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Feb 20, 2009 06:40 AM

Atlanta area supermarket ????

I visited a friend year's ago in Marietta when he lived there for college. He took me to a supermarket looking for Georgia peaches. LOL Who knew it was so hard to find a Georgia peach in Georgia. I recently moved to SC from NJ and would love to revisit the supermarket. I don't remember the name, but I do know it was HUGE. The produce dept was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I remember it was more like a BJ's, Sam type wharehouse setup, not your normal supermarket design.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. DeKalb Farmer's Market probably. Maybe it was Harry's?

    South Carolina produces more peaches than GA does. Living in Georgia, there's certainly some pride in living in the peach state, but I wouldn't ever travel to Atlanta from South Carolina just for peaches. There are some good roadside stands that will have better product than a store will.

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      LOL no not going there looking for peaches again. Just planning a day trip to the area and would love to go there again. Thanks for the suggestions on Dekalbs and Harrys.

      1. re: lady7694

        Gotcha - well while you're here then... ;-)

        Harry's (started by Harry, a brother of the guy that opened DeKalb Market) is now owned by Whole Foods. Still a good place to shop but the prices are jacked up in accordance with what you would expect from WF.

        In no order, these are the bigger markets I tend to visit. Unfortunately none of them have a very good website, but the names will get you far enough.

        Buford Highway Farmer's market
        Super H Mart
        Your DeKalb Farmer's Market

      2. re: HaagenDazs

        When I moved to NoCal 30+ years ago, I was amazed at how much better CA peaches were than GA.

        1. re: c oliver

          San Joaquin is a big place and grows lots of stuff!

          1. re: HaagenDazs

            You betcha. We were through there a couple of months ago and it still amazes me. I wonder if most people in the U.S. realize just how important that area is to the rest of the country - and beyond, I'm sure. We're all doing rain and snow dances here this winter.

            1. re: c oliver

              Yeah, there's more than just California raisins that come from there! ;-)

              I remember a few years ago driving south on the east (dry) side of the Sierra Nevada and then literally turning the corner to head west into the Valley. After a couple days in the dry air (like 4% humidity) the expanse of green and a nearly immediate return to higher humidity (35+%) was a welcome sight!

              1. re: HaagenDazs

                We live at Lake Tahoe so are too well aware of the low humidity, especially during fire season. But it IS a shock to go from the desert, which has its own austere beauty, to all that green.

                1. re: c oliver

                  Yep - I even had a hygrometer on me so I'm not exaggerating. 4% to about 35% in a matter of about 30 minutes.

          2. re: c oliver

            I think it's just a matter of the peaches you've had. I'd take a local one over one that'd shipped across the country any day. And I generally like the local ones (SC, GA, Chilton County AL) better than the ones that make it here from CA. Especially some of the varieties that only last a few days before going bad. You're only going to find those off the back of a truck at a farmer's market. And you have to eat them over the sink b/c they explode w/ juice.

          3. re: HaagenDazs

            Dekalb Farmer's Market is AMAZING. Everything you could possibly want, great quality, super nice prices, and everything is fresh. I'm in Stone Mountain for just over a month, and this place has been an absolute lifesaver, and a sort of refuge. You should at least check it out and see for yourself. Please!

          4. I can tell you one way to know if it was the Harry's in Marietta...was there a Kentucky Fried Chicken accross the road with a giant chicken on the roof? That's the Harry's that Alton Brown goes to in Good Eats.

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            1. re: pulse301

              Most of the time. There have also been multiple scenes shot in the Alpharetta Harry's and numerous shot in the Alpharetta and Crabapple Kroger stores among others.