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Feb 20, 2009 06:35 AM

how would you like that cooked?

has anyone else had trouble getting a burger cooked to order at rays hell burger?

they are driving me crazy. (witness:


but actually, i feel like it is a more widespread problem....

your thoughts?

is this an issue of intention or of execution? what is medium rare?

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  1. They have their own guide on what they think cooking temperatures are, have you ever checked that out. I know a lot of people would go to Ray's and have the same problem- their and the restaurants definition didn't match up.

    I have had mine cooked just the way I like, but I like my beef almost still nameable.

    You might find the cooking temps on Don Rockwell as Landrum hangs out there more, like I said I know it is on the menu at Ray's the steaks and they use the same guide.

    1. Rule of thumb:
      If you ask for anything "Rare" you are not allowed to complain about it not being cooked enough.

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      1. re: gregb

        i dont think they go by any temperature guide. i watch them grill the burgers and there are definitely no thermometers in sight. plus, ive been with 2 other people who ordered it "recommended" and got 3 different levels of doneness.

        greg, i see your point, but it was a strategic decision that was informed by previously overdone orders. sadly, it seems like strategy might be an impossibility here.

      2. Free hot chocolate at Ray's Hell Burgers? I guess I haven't been there in a while. Pretty soon it'll be free lemonade season.

        1. i love ray's. dont get me wrong here, but i also feel that ordering a certain doneness is tantamount to a crap shoot. this is not going to stop me from going back but i have to agree with homesmax here. all they do is burgers, and it seems they should be able to be more consistent. they should also be able to avoid raw (or black and blue in certain circles) when someone orders rare.

          1. I know what you mean.

            Waiter: How would you like your hamburger cooked?
            Me: Medium Rare please.
            Waiter: We can only cook them Medium.
            Me: Then why the !@%& did you ask? (thinking to myself)