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Feb 20, 2009 06:30 AM

Downtown Dinner for Five with Baby

We're looking to go out to dinner downtown (generally Wash Sq/Village and south) on a Saturday in mid-March. There's five of us--including a 2 year old. We'd like to go someplace nice but not too expensive. I'm thinking about 30-35 per person. I would have gone to Lupa but we've all been there before and want to try something we haven't tried before. Any ideas? We're open to any type of food.

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  1. theirs an italian place called roccos--its actually right across the street from LUPA. good italian food and def kid friendly--thompson st between houston and bleeker

    1. Miracle Grill on Bleecker near Bank St is very baby friendly and have solid southwestern food.

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        MIracle Grill, unfortunately, has closed.

      2. There's always Landmarc if Tribeca isn't too far downtown. Disclaimer: I haven't been there for probably at least the better part of a year. I also think that, although solidly good, it's likely to be a real comedown from Lupa (I've only ever been to Landmarc for brunch/lunch, though).

        1. The Odeon (Tribeca) - great menu, great variety of price points for all and they welcome babies/kids. Try their calamari and their warm goat cheese salad. Always a "feel good" place!