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Apr 19, 2004 09:03 PM

Peet's vs Starbucks Iced Coffee

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Disclaimer: I usually go to the small indy coffeehouse but they don't have iced coffee. So on hot summer days I head across the street from work to Starbucks.

I had heard Starbucks had awful coffee from some fairly trustworthy people, but I found their iced coffee acceptable...until the other day when I was near a Peet's (30 miles from home) and stopped in and got an iced coffee.

It was 50 times better than Starbucks. It was like a whole different animal.

Tough luck for me - now I am wrecked for Starbucks and have no Peet's nearby.

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  1. Have you tried Peets mail order website (

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    1. re: Milton

      I buy excellent coffee online from jim's organic coffee, or from the global exchange website, where they sell all organic, fair trade and shade-grown...

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. i think cost plus sells peet's beans.

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        1. re: dork

          Cost Plus sells their own brand of coffee. Whole Foods carries Peets to the best of my knowledge (seen in in the store in Fresno, CA).

        2. Peets iced coffee is 100 times better than starbucks iced coffee. Starbucks Coffee is non drinkable.

          1. Love Peet's. Hate Starbucks, always have, never got why they're so popular their coffee is extremely bitter.

            I get Peet's at all of my local west side grocery stores - Vons, Ralph's & Gelsons.