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Feb 20, 2009 04:57 AM

Brooklynite seeks advice for a teen

I have a 17 year old who goes to Manhattan with friends on the weekends. She needs advice on places to eat and my style of restaurant doesn't suit her taste. I've sent her to Coffee Shop and Republic, but I'd love better suggestions appropriate for a teen that are fun and won't break the bank. Places around Union Square, the Village, and Soho, will be most appreciated - nothing too exotic, and places where other young people gather.

Thank you.

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  1. Peep, Cafeteria, L'Express, Tortilla Flats, Otto, Max Brenner (never been, but I see lots of teens there whenever I pass by), The Smith

    1. A bunch i know they will enjoy:
      Cafe Habana
      Pop Burger
      The Park
      Crif Dogs
      Burgers and Cupcakes

      1. when i was 17 going to the city, we'd go to yaffa cafe and dojo and a million other east village spots that have since i suppose things have changed.

        chubette did a good list...others id mention:

        -stand on 12th and university...i think they have a 2 for 1 burger special on weekdays before 5pm.
        -hampton chutney on prince
        -max, supper, frank...all those east village cheap italian spots

        oh and make sure they avoid max brenner...that place is godawful.

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          I wouldn't call Max Brenner godawful. I'ts a fun place to go with friends and have a hot chocolate and some dessert. Not the best place, but a good place for teenagers to go. I know I went there on dates and for birthdays a bunch of times and enjoyed it.

          If they like vegetarian places, Sacred Chow is a good vegan place. It's not expensive. quirky, and they have small plates, which are great tor sharing.

          I've never been to Cafeteria, but passed by many times, and I think it's a place best enjoyed sitting outside in the warmer weather. More of a "scene" and for 17yr olds, thats probably a good thing.

          Also... Sushi Samba is great. They have a cool menu and good non-alcoholic drinks. Might not be the 'best' sushi, but I love going there with friends.

        2. Ippuddo might fit the bill noodle bar although its sometimes crowded
          it has commual seating and a younger crowded than most nyc hotspots i have been to
          the food is also good too

          1. Klong would work. The food isn't bad at all (Thai) and it attracts a crowd in their early 20s. Prices are on the low side.


            7 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003