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Feb 20, 2009 04:24 AM

South Shore: Pasta e Vino or Messina?

I am looking for a restaurant on the South Shore for a big reception (about 100 people), so ideally we'd have to take the whole restaurant over. I was suggested Pasta e Vino in St-Lambert and Messina in Old-Longueuil.. has anyone been to one of these? Any other nice restaurants you can think of that would accomodate a reception?

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  1. I have been to Messina twice, and have been underwhelmed. The food is so-so (not what you would expect from higher-end Italian), and my experience with the service has been mixed: one time great and attentive, one time slow and inexperienced. The decor is quite nice, though (simple lines, white and dark brown, iirc...), and if you are taking over the restaurant, they would probably accommodate you with a menu to suit your tastes (beware of the bland pasta and overpriced desserts!)
    i have not been to Pasta e vino, sorry. good luck with your search.