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Feb 20, 2009 03:43 AM

Vegetarian walkable from 18th & Arch

I have a vegetarian business associate who visits the city frequently and likes to go out to lunch. Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in the vicinity of 18th and Arch that are vegetarian-friendly?

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  1. Mama's vegetarian at 20th and Market has great falafel with fluffy homemade pita (be sure to ask for the eggplant spread). Tria (18th and Sansom) has lots of vegetarian options, I think they are open for lunch now. Ashoka Palace (Indian food, 19th and Chestnut) has the usual vegetarian selection. Tampopo Korean at 20th and Chestnut does a great bi bim bop. El Fuego has good vegetarian stuff, their rice has a great fresh lime flavor. Thank you.

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      Also Devil's Alley has a lot of yummy vegetarian sides, including a savory vegetable bread pudding. Thank you.

    2. There's a vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Sansom between 15th and 16th that gets good reviews

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        The Chinese vegetarian place is Su Xing, and it is good.

        Another wonderful place is Mi Lah, on 16th between Walnut and Locust. Actually vegan, but I've most often eaten there with carnivores who had no complaints!

      2. the four seasons accomidates vegetarians and vegan's if you are looking for a more business appropriate location