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Feb 20, 2009 12:23 AM

Italian Restaurant Around 50th And 1st?

We're going back to New York in April. I just remembered that, in May, we wound up going to a small Italian restaurant around 50th and 1st (though it could have been 2nd or 3rd Ave). It was on the Northwest corner of the street, and was reputed to have the best meatballs in town (the chef came from another restaurant that, for years, had the best meatballs in town and he brought the recipe with him. The other restaurant was a place where people had tables booked for an entire year, and it was virtually impossible to get a seat).

The food was very good, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the restaurant. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

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  1. Never mind, I found it It's Destino, for anyone who is interested, and it is at 1st and 50th.