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Feb 19, 2009 09:25 PM

Anyone know the latest on Anchovies & Olives? (SEA)

I Just read about this new restaurant and wondering when it will be open - it has been hard finding new info on it (and their website sure doesn't help!)

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  1. They opened last night. I am going tonight and will post a write up.

    1. Once again I have made it to a new restaurant on its second night, for some reason this is my favorite time to hit a new space Luckily A& O doesn’t disappoint.

      All in all I would say I am impressed, although they have some things to work out this is obviously going to be another hit.

      First the interior. Very sparse I think they are trying to have the restaurant fade into the back ground with dark grey/grey green walls, no art and very low lighting. For me who likes to eat out as a form of entertainment this really doesn’t work, I love some drama in my restaurant spaces (this is Capitol Hill) and this place doesn’t really do that with bare bulbs above the bar and grey tables tops that faded into the concrete flooring I was left confused. Also the sharp bolts holding the tables together are sure to catch a few buttons or beads. And I know this will fade with time but the whole space still smells of fresh paint it got a bit overwhelming after a while. The kitchen itself is located right in the center of the restaurant and if we had had a good view of it could have provided the drama I crave. But as we were off to the side… It is very cozy feeling though and I love the concept.

      Wine list is great all Italian, mostly whites it will be interesting to learn more.
      Now the food… Had the fluke crudo with mint and grapefruit to start, very tasty although in need of salt. For $12 it was a nice serving of fish. Next, warm the squid and bean dish that was a tad over salted. (is this because I asked for salt for my fluke?) Flavors were fantastic and squid perfectly cooked the beans although very tasty were just a tiny bit underdone.

      Next we had two pastas a spaghetti with Uni and crab linguini, both commercial extruded pastas as opposed to fresh. Again the flavors were great very generous with the Uni and crab but both pastas were a bit too al dente for me.

      Service was relaxed but knowledgeable and attentive. Again they are obviously still working a few things out as more than once I saw wait staff about to deliver food to a table and then veer off to place it at where it was actually ordered.

      This restaurant is going to make a fine addition to the Capitol Hill scene and I am looking forward to my next visit.

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        "...both commercial extruded pastas as opposed to fresh..."

        I'm betting those pastas come from Tavolata, since A&O is owned by Ethan Stowell. So, while they are extruded pastas, they aren't Barilla and they are made fresh.

        That being said, I can't say pasta is my first choice when perusing a menu so I usually avoid it. Sounds like the food at A&O is similar to Ethan's QA place: How to Cook a Wolf.

      2. Went last night and tried three of the pastas (lobster gnocchi, crab linguine and clam&guanciale tagliatelle). The gnocchi was the most flavorful although it was a small portion. The other two were nothing special, somewhat bland, and I thought the pasta was gummy. The industrial interior did feel a little cold but the service was warm and friendly and just for that I would give it another try.

        1. I tried this restaurant last week. The raw escolar was itself very enjoyable, as was the hot coppa, though for some reason the accompanying grapefruit came off overly bitter--maybe just got a bad fruit. The other dishes were purely harmonious: squid ink conchiglie with mussels; branzino; and spanish mackerel (can't remember the accompaniments for those two). I detected somewhat less attention to service and presentation than Union, which exceeds A&O in nearly every respect. But prices are fairly reasonable considering the quality of the food. Will return for $1 oysters during a late happy hour, and also curious about the fish and chips.

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            I'm curious about any other recent experiences with A&O. I notice a lot of Yelpers complaining about the service. We're planning on going here in a couple of weeks and would love to hear what the current thinking is!

            1. re: Jeffo405

              Went for the first time about a month ago and was very pleased with the food and service. Seems to be doing a pretty good business as far as I could tell.

              1. re: landguy

                Coming up from Portland this weekend and plan on trying A&O, looks very interesting. I see comments that the wine list is Italian, and primarily whites (which excites me, interesting wines). I don't see a wine list on A&O's site, can anyone comment more specifically on the wines, and what to expect price wise? Also, deciding between Licorous and Tavern Law for drinks before dinner, any preferences out there? Planning on Zig Zag for post dinner drinks. Cheers!

                1. re: ridehood

                  I pick Tavern Law! but you can walk from one to the other--they are a block apart--if you really wanted to check out both before deciding.