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Feb 19, 2009 08:23 PM

Manhattan- Pretty Good Cheap Eats Comfort Food

I would like a consensus opinion of the best of the Pretty Good Not Bad I Can't Complain Cheap Eats Comfort Food Places in Manhattan. In other words food in places worth raving about but not dying for.

If I don't get much response then you're going to leave this project to a guy from Minneapolis to decide what the best pretty good cheap eats comfort food is in Manhattan (such as it is) and the outskirts.

I will be using the places you so generously share on my website and will have a linkback to here and a nod to the hopefully generous support I receive from this thread.

Just got through watching Bottle Shock with Alan Rickman. Have no problem with the acting except for some assorted scenery chewing, I liked Rickman, Dennis Farina and Freddy Rodriguez but the writing and the production choices, whew! What a patch work of crud. kind of dukes of hazzard meets california wine country and throw in some French & Brits wine snobs while you're at it.. I 'm sure my wife and I could write a better script with enough cash incentive...we were taking notes... I will be sending letters to Alan Dennis and Freddy acknowledging their efforts in trying to carry the movie. Writing is so critical. Why was Gustavo spit away like spit wine in a tasting? and wasn't Sam impersonating Daisy May And Bo sure looked like a knock off of Brad Pitt.

I won't be responding until it looks like the end on advice from the moderators

But know that I'm here abiding out in the ether and that I'm very thankful for your time and advice on this very important matter.

I'm posting this in Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs and will be splitting New York up to make the maps and lists more manageable, They can eventually be accessed via my profile.

Again thank you for reading and hopefully responding.

Danny The Frugal Eating Dude.

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  1. What is comfort food to you? Meat and potatoes? Are we talking diner food? Please clarify. And what's with the movie review?

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      ok i think the mods won't mind one more post - it's not just meat & potatoes or diner fare anymore in america...chicago is getting into pakistani bbq... philly minneapolis la portand and others are in love with pho...many places are still in love with bbq, hamburgers, hot dogs your comfort and it has to be relatively cheap...the food like america is changing..its very fascinating to me and i think to many others to see the many things that make america the unique place it is...oh and the movie review just ignore it if you aren't tempted to see it...

      Pan - the url is a shorter name but the title of the website is Frugal Danny's Pretty Good Cheap Eats Casual Comfort Food Restaurant Guide.

      I'm too cheap to buy another url (i wouldn'y want anything longer also) and the idea has evolved just like "cheap comfort food" has in america over the years!

      I really can't keep creating new posts because it is considered bumping the thread and will not be looked on favorably by the mods...

      by the way thank you drumwine and pan for the responses so far!

      1. re: FrugalDanny

        Well, for me, Cantonese noodle soups and Malaysian food are comfort food, so I would mention Great NY Noodletown and Skyway. Pastrami at Katz's is an entirely different kind of comfort food - very heavy eating, but redolent of my Ashkenazic childhood, though not that cheap. Ditto for 2nd Av. Deli, which has a wider menu with things like kasha varnishkes and tongue sandwiches. Polish and Ukrainian restaurants like Ukrainian East Village and Stage, though merely good, also deserve a mention here, for the same reason - "Old Country" food that reminds me of my childhood and grandparents.

        I may be misunderstanding your project. Is it really about cheap food people like - as in the name of your blog, "" - rather than comfort food, an amorphous concept in this context, which becomes "whatever comfort food is to you and you and you..."? Because I think that most of what we discuss on this board in the first place is cheap and mid-priced food that some hounds like. If you hang out and watch the threads, you'll pretty quickly get a sense of which places are recommended over and over. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.