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Feb 19, 2009 08:22 PM

Looking for a small intimate live Jazz place in DC Metro

Just came back from NYC & they had this great Italian cafe (can fit @ most 100) serving lasagna, after dinner dessert & live jazz in the bar & dinner area called La Laterna Caffe (
)Supposedly 1 of the most romantic places in NYC for a date.

Do we have anything like that here?

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  1. Ice House Cafe in Herndon has a nice setup on Saturdays with a jazz band. Probably not worth the drive from too far away.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Actually not that far away from my house. Great idea. Thanks.

      1. re: r0cc00

        We did this about a month ago and it was very nice. We didn't have reservations, but we were on the early side. I'd recommend that you make some.

    2. My neighbor plays trumpet with a pick up jazz band at Pistone's in Seven Corners on Sundays sometimes. I'm not saying the food is great, but you may wish to inquire with the mgmt about the live jazz.

      1. I really enjoyed the Monday night band at Bohemian Caverns, on U St in DC. I didn't eat but others were having dinner and the food looked fine from a distance -- but I do think it's more about having drinks (there was a one or two drink minimum, if I remember) and really focusing on the music. This is downstairs I'm talking about, and I'm sure it sits fewer than 100. I don't know about the restaurant upstairs, but I'd be curious. It's the oldest still operating jazz club in the U.S. after the Village Vanguard in NYC, or so they say.

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          Love Bohemian Caverns. Haven't eaten upstairs or downstairs, but did drink and dance upstairs after a performance several months back. The restaurant was very nice and had been close to full. So I'm guessing the quality is at least decent.