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Feb 19, 2009 08:04 PM

Microwave popcorn peeve

OK, I like microwave popcorn, but I have a peeve - if I put it on for the recommended 3 minutes (in my 700 watt unit), it invariably get scorched. But if I reduce the cooking time, it seems like half the kernels didn't pop, and I feel ripped off. Anyone else have this problem?

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  1. I don't have your problem (and that's partly because I don't eat microwave popcorn).

    But perhaps you could nuke at 700 watt for 2 minutes and give it another nuke at a lower setting (e.g. medium) for the last 1 minute?

    Just a thought ...

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      Microwave popcorn is terrible, I don't microave either. For virtually the same amount of time you can cook on the stovetop, the cleanup tastes a bit longer. Get some good Orville and do it yourself. What exactly is all that crap, chemicals, in a microwave popcorn bag?

    2. I use the popcorn button on my micro and ususally have to add about 15 sec. Stand by your micro and listen--when you hear only a pop or so per second, turn it off. I have different results with different brands of popcorn. My micro is 1,000 watts and it takes about 3 min..

      1. When I make micro popcorn I break up the package with my hand. It is like a small block of kernels, and I just loosen them up so they spread out more evenly in the bag, beyond the folds. I hope I am making myself clear. This seems to make a difference. Then I put it on the time they suggest but still listen carefully. I hardly ever get many "old maids" with this technique.

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          If anyone has Boy Scouts around selling a fundraising product called Trail's End Kettle Corn, I can recommend it. It has a sweet/salty coating that I really like and it all pops with my micro's popcorn setting. Kinda expensive but so is everything else they sell, the little extortionists. ;)

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            Hey, thanks, that's something I will try for sure!

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              I just tried your suggestion, and it works perfectly! Thanks so much.. who knew it would be so simple?

              1. re: KevinB


                I'm so glad you tried it! Most people think I'm crazy. Believe me, I went through many boxes before I figured that out. I was at my now grown daughters house and wanted to make some popcorn for her kids. As I pulled it out, she told me to make sure and break it up before putting in the micro. I laughed and said "who taught you that?"


              2. Have you popped regular popcorn in a regular paper bag in the microwave? I can vary the amount of popcorn and choose the type and amount of oil. Unpopped kernels can then be reused.

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                1. re: alwayscooking

                  Beat me to it. Prepackaged microwave popcorn is such a rip off; like so many other packaged foods.

                2. I pop mine in the micro all the time, I buy the mini pouches which are great 1/2 the size never go waste, they pop better. Also I pop mine the big pouches at not full power usually power 9 for the recommended and 1/2 way through flip. I know they don't say that. But I had similar problems. This seems to work every time. Sometimes I may have to go just a bit longer. But never scorched. I do love the small snack bags. 1/2 the size so I can add butter to one or if comes with it. I like parm now and then and a good friend likes a little cayenne with his butter. But good ol butter is just fine with me for the most part.