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Feb 19, 2009 07:17 PM

Best pub food in Burlington/Oakville area..

I'm looking for the best pub food in the west end of the GTA..Even if's it's wraps/salads/wings, some do it much better than others, and I'm looking for a place to grab a beer, but eat well too!

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  1. You're in luck. Burlington is home to some of the finest wings anywhere in the GTA. Chaps, located 3315 Fairview Street, has incredible wings. And just east of there, you'll find Turtle Jack restaurant that also does some pretty decent pub food.

    1. My favourites for pub grub in Burlington, no particular order are:
      - The Poacher (nice English pub vibe to it)
      - Jerseys (not terribly fancy but good value and great wings - my personal favourite)

      In Oakville, there was a pub near Bronte Harbour/Lakeshore that I visited once. Think it was an Irish pub. Food was great. For the life of me, cannot remember the name.

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      1. re: cynalan

        I second the Poacher, best burger hands down. Its the size of your head and hand made every day

        Try the Squire on Walkers and Fairview (old jack astors) Wicked fish and chips

      2. Judge & Jury at Walkers and Mainway in Burlington is one of my favourites. Big menu and I have never been disappointed. friendly staff too.

        1. Not really pub food, but House of Wings at Rebecca & Great Lakes allows outside food to be brought in... So in that same plaza is sweet smoke

          Can't beat a pulled pork sandwich washed down with some ice cold beer! Sweetsmoke has no liquor license anyways I'm pretty sure

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          1. re: duckdown

            The pulled pork at Sweetsmoke is an abomination. i went there last year and was stoked to find a barbq restaurant in my neighbourhood. WHAT a disappointment. The app was pretty good but the pulled pork gave me nightmares!

            1. re: ilovefoodlongtime

              LOL, hilarious...

              You obviously haven't tried pulled pork at the other places in the GTA then, because Sweet Smokes is great compared to anywhere else