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Is there any food considered "biker food"

Throwing a party and the theme is bikers, Harley's etc. My question is: Is there any food associated with Bikers? Or any restaurants that are famous biker hangouts?

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  1. In my experience, the Number 1 food group of bikers is Bourbon!

    1. BBQ--I think Harley's= BBQ & Jack Daniels. There's a little place that I go to in PA, that is filled with awesome BBQ and a ton of Hogs. Hogs...pork....maybe some good BBQ ribs

      1. Whatever they have on the menu at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY.And, JD.

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          Yeah..the guy (s) who founded Dinosaur BBQ (Syracuse and Rochester NY) started out selling BBQ at biker events. The parking lot is filled with Harley's at their restaraunt in Rochester.

          1. When I subscribed to Easyriders, there was an article on how to properly prepare roadkill...

              1. Anything cooked in 60W oil.

                1. Chili and a keg of beer....Smoked turkey legs, maybe? A bonfire for sure

                  1. How old are the bikers? : )

                    Twenty years ago, my biker friends ate anythng that was cheap and washed down with beer. Now, they are cooking healthier and better cuts of meat, steaming or roasting veggies, and cutting waaay back on beer and liquor.

                    BBQ is a safe bet. A pig roast is another popular party food, IIRC.

                    1. Chili, beer, and comfort food...did I mention beer

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                        The original (West Hollywood) Barney's Beanery used to be a big bikers' hang, and still carries a lot of that flavor -- not to mention beer.

                        Maybe you'll get some ideas, but I'd start with beer. And chili, as above.

                      2. Diner and road food, for the most part. Then there's Twisted Spoke in Chicago, which used to have Smut and Eggs (porn with breakfast).

                        Zeitgeist, SF, had great burgers plus the tamale lady on occasion.

                        Twisted Spoke
                        501 N Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

                        199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103

                        1. Go to Bike Week in Daytona ... Lots of BBQ, beer, Jack Daniels is just something associated with it as with many others. Any kind of BBQ is primarily, but alot of clubs stop at diners, and some places as they travel which brings us back to Diners Drive in and Dives a recent post ... I think anything which connates their living on the road. But alot of events include beer and BBQ, but what events don't. Maybe outdoor event have food just like that. I went on a road trip with a friend of mine who is a die hard biker ... We traveled from FL to Milwaukee for Bike Week ... We ate at some pretty damn good diners ... sometimes BBQ, sometimes not. One of our good friends like quiche and omlettes ... Each his own.

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                            Did you journey to the Cabbage Patch? When I was growing up outside of Daytona Beach, the cole slaw wrestling more than the food was the draw but their food was supposed to be good.

                          2. Well, I guess we are considered"bikers" own a Harley and live in the Milwaukee area so I'll chime in on this. We have attended several events that are focused on riding. The food served ranges from hamburgers , brats and beer with all the fixings to a charity event that raised an enormous amount of money which served New Orleans style food along with cocktails.
                            I think the fun with throwing a biker party theme is to use props that use motorcycle items. Go black and orange with your decor , ask people to come dressed in biker attire. As far as food you can serve just about anything because us" bikers" have a varied palate and as long as it is good food and the people are fun a good time will be had by all.

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                              daytona doesn't do brats more a mid west biker, lol. You had better food than I had last time. I'm jealous. But regardless. Great times and fun and awesome good no matter what you make.

                            2. The bottom line is, we are people the same as you. Different taste, likes and dislikes.

                              BBQ and bourbon, PIG roast and port, it's all the same, some will like it others would rather have their wisdom teeth pulled. Have fun and try not to piss off the locals.

                              1. Used to regularly attend MC parties... Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, "poke cake". Think southern US cookout/potluck & you should be fine. Lots of beer. Jack & Coke. Sorry this is limited as I AM from the south and went to parties in North Carolina & Florida... I also think wings...

                                1. BBQ - definitely BBQ, at least in the Carolinas. I've been to more "biker hangouts" that have served 'cue than any other kind of cuisine.

                                  1. See, here's the thing.

                                    In the early noughties, Harley Davidson Inc did a marketing survey and found the person most likely to buy a Harley was a 40y/o+ dentist.

                                    So I guess whatever that demographic would eat!!

                                    Or get some recipes off http://www.hairybikers.com/

                                    1. I almost forgot about the biker/fish shack in Barrington Shores, IL (I believe that was the renamed area). It was past the new housing developments and towards the water, with great fried fish and cold beer, cash only. Whenever I was getting lost heading to a friend's parents' house, I would inevitably find a lone biker and follow them (and none of the bikers appeared to be clean cut dentists).

                                      1. AH Man!!! I haven't been here in a long time, and I'm think about putting biker recipe board on Biker or Not. I wish I'd been here when you had your party, how did it turn out?

                                        1. Back when I hung out with bikers, one thing they had was wild meat. I remember a venison pot roast that was the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving dinner. There was also turkey and all the trimmin's, as the cliche goes. Our big biker hangout, which attracts bikers of all stripes outside of Ojai, CA, is The Deer Lodge, which serves gourmet barbecue, alongside wild meats.

                                          The Deer Lodge - duplicate
                                          Ojai CA, Ojai, CA

                                          1. Bologna & miracle whip on wonder bread.

                                            1. In Nashville we have a new place called "Wild Bill's Beignets and Bikes". So I guess they like beignets.