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Feb 19, 2009 06:33 PM

chili dog in the hartford area?

i woke up craving a chili dog today and the boys and i ( 2 and 5 years old) have a day off together tomorrow. i want to take them out for one, but i can only come up with places in fairfield county...are there good chili dogs in the hartford area?

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  1. Gotta be Augie and Rays east hartford.....dont forget the onion rings

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    1. re: brooklyn6227

      I agree about Augie and Ray's. I have a buddy from outt of town that has to go to Augie's for a couple of chili dogs even if we are going out to dinner some place else..

    2. I'm a huge chili dog fan and I've gotta say Augie and Rays doesn't do it for me.
      Saint's on the Southington/Plainville line has what you're looking for (just off I84). The fact that the sign for the joint features a neon chili dog...that's says something.

      I HIGHLY recommend it. The dog itself is tasty even without chili. The browned dog is nestled in a grilled New England Style roll and if you get a chili cheese dog, then the dog sits on melty American cheese. The chili is also NUMMY as heck. It's not beany--just beefy and good.
      I also think their fries are killer too. They just seem to be the right size, the right crispness...everything...

      One more thing-My dad who lives in HI is a chowhound too. The last time he was up in CT I had to bring him to Saints...HE LOVED IT.

      They also serve a bunch of other great looking food that I've yet to try because I just can't Not order a chili cheese dog.

      Let us know where you end up going!

      1. There is a cart right off exit 20 on I-91. The Junkyard Dog has chili, cheese & slaw all on a potato roll. YUM!

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        1. re: ctfoodguy

          Try the ranch house in the meadows. It's been a few years since i've been there but it was te best.

        2. Woodys has a great chili dog. Located behind Quizinos on Pearl st

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            1. re: brookerme

              Just thought I would add this as a diversion. A place called Mickey's Oceanic Grill on Pitkin st. in East Hartford has good chili for there dogs. Its more of a fish place, but it was first a hot dog and hamburg joint. Might be worth a stop if your in the area. Earle Ct.

              1. re: Earle

                Ditto on Mickey's. Chili cheese dogs are really tasty!!

                1. re: jonsull

                  I went to Capital Lunch in New Britian the other day...I wonder why ...itls soft and tasty...but the heavy cloves in the meat sauce is a love hate thing...
                  (its always cold there...wish they would turn uo the thermostat.

                  I also like the sure you go to the right one near the highway...I went othe other ranch down Main a few years ago and thought I was in the right place...and I meet quite a few people who make the same mistake. Its not the same.

                  I like Augie and Rays cause I think the dog is really grilled least when I threre is fresh and I like to stand up and eat quick.

                  I like the ranch

                  1. re: sodagirl

                    I love Capital Lunch!! It might be because i grew up eating it at my grandparent's house, but I have a special fondness in my heart for it.

                  2. re: jonsull

                    I think a trip to Mickeys where you're not getting seafood is a waste of time and money. Funny you mention it though as I took a half day yesterday and deeperately needed comfort food for personal reasons and went to Saints for my beloved chili cheese dog. On the way out there from our West Hartford home my partner said "we should've gone to Mickey's!" I agreed, but only if we were going for one of their AMAZING fried fish sammiches. Oh well, that'll be for my next week-day off from work as I believe Mickey's is only open M-F.

                    1. re: masha bousha

                      When I get fish I'd rather get it from City Fish in Wethersfield. It used to be taskeout only but they've got a dining room too now. I usually only get takeout from there but it is as fresh and tasty as it gets.

                      1. re: jonsull

                        City Fish's dining room is kind of neat. Nothing special but the fish, but they sell draft beer for cheap. And I think Mickey's is open on Saturdays again. I going there on Friday so I will confirm then.

                        1. re: Waquoit

                          Roscoe's in Hartford if they haven't closed yet due to the awful economy. Roscoes is the best in my opinion and Woody's is also really good on Main Street. Capital Lunch in New Britain.

                          1. re: Teraesa22

                            Sadly, Roscoe's is closed. I agree, they were the best and reading this post makes me miss them...

            2. Woody's downtown is excellent. Doogies down in Newington is also excellent, but surprisingly expensive for, well, a chili dog.