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Feb 19, 2009 06:17 PM

Do i have to drive all the way to Pizzeria Mozza?

I love coal fired pizza, I love wood fired pizza. I'm not a fan of pizza made any other way. Is there any place close to me that makes woodfire pizza with a tasty cheese, I live just north of culver city near palms.


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  1. The new Canaletto restaurant in Fashion Island has a wood fired pizza oven. I have had several pizzas and they are very good. So does the new Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa. I have tried it yet.

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    1. re: cdmedici

      Yes, why drive the 5 miles to Mozza when good pizza is only 40 miles away?

      1. re: cls

        :) 5 miles in LA is like a 45 minute drive Mozza is more like 10 miles from me which is a good hour and a half during evening hours. But your right about it being closer then costa mesa for sure!!!!!!!!

        1. re: Ben7643

          Woops. Not sure how I missed that you live in Culver City. The hilarious part is that I live in Newport Beach and I do drive all they way to Mozza for pizza and their tasty apps.

      1. re: epop

        How about pitfire someone on another forum mentioned that one in westwood also fairly close which do you think is better antica or pitfire?

        1. re: Ben7643

          toss up, Ben. better dough at antica but tastier top at pitfire

      2. Not quite in the same league, but there's a CPK at Venice and Overland....

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        1. re: sobriquet

          I've been to a few CPK's around LA and I don't think they wood fire their pizza's anymore. I've seen many using gas (they still look like the same wood fired ovens).

          Looking at their website there's no mention of "wood fired" pizza

          1. re: monku

            Weird... I just sat at the bar in CPK at Ventura and Wilbur (just east actually) and watched the wood burning as I tortured the pizza-maker (what's that crazy Italian word for pizza-guy?). He had to reinvent their version of a Margherite... two more times and it might be okay. Any other wood- fired in the Valley?

            1. re: toomanypots

              Pizza chef is a Pizzaiolo (male) and Pizzaiola (female)...

              1. re: silence9

                Thanks.... I asked the chef @ CPK in Tarzana and he said there are two wood fired CPK's left: Tarzana and Studio City. No plans to remodel either of these, so the ovens are safe for now. EPA wanted the wood fires gone, but they've let them keep these two.

        2. Pizzeria Mozza has the best pizza - nothing else is even comparable. But the wood-oven pizza at Gjelena on Abbot Kinney is pretty formidable, and the version at Riva has its fans. Also Terroni, although that's not any closer to you than Mozza. Antica Pizzeria, I suppose, although it's not very good. Vincenti's wood-oven pizza, served Monday nights only, is wonderful.

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          1. re: condiment

            Bollini's wood-fired oven is not even comparable?? When were you last there, condiment? Which pizza did you have?

          2. Dude, you are right near Antica in MDR, which is a certified neapolitan pizzeria!