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Feb 19, 2009 06:07 PM

Fun atmosphere/good food for group of 15 in WeHo, Mid-City or H.Wood?

I'm trying to figure out a birthday restaurant for a 20-something-aged crowd who likes good food and cheap drinks. I would prefer entrees ranging from $10-$15. By "fun atmosphere", I mean popular and comfortable, where noise is welcome and there might possibly be live music. Casual - smart casual dress. Is there a place like this on the Westside, Mid-City or West Hollywood?

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  1. Fat Fish in Weho is cool and they have a happy hours in the back lounge/bar from 5-7 everyday. Its japanese fusion and the ambiance is fun but not "hollywood".
    Lolas has decent food and amazing drinks. After you finish eating you can hang out in the bar/lounge area. Theres also a pool table there.