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Feb 19, 2009 05:39 PM

Help! Sunday night in Columbia SC... Looking for something unique - non-chain... willing to drive, if necessary to find something other than Outback

We will be in Columbia at the end of month on a Sunday evening. Looking to support a local restaurant with great food. Recommendations?

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  1. What type of food, price range, etc.? Where will you be staying?

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      We are not fixed on any cusine.. just looking for great food on a Sunday evening. Would like to support local chefs and not chains. We are staying close to the University.

    2. Haven't been to Columbia in years, but we've always had good meals and good times at Garabaldi's. Crispy flounder was amazing. Hope it's still good.

        1. re: waitress

          I second Motor Supply Co! Love that place.

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            mr friendlys is not open on sundays, according to their website

          2. Mediterranean Tea Room on Devine has great Greek/Middle Eastern food in a very casual, somewhat funky atmosphere. Diannes on Devine and Momo's (also on Devine) are popular -- upscale and very mainstream. Blue Marlin (corner of Gervais and Lincoln) is always good and is located in a neat, old train station that has been beautifully restored. Not sure which are open on Sunday nights -- I know that Blue Marlin is open then. . .