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Feb 19, 2009 05:27 PM

TW Food recently?

We have a gift certificate and will be going this weekend. We've been once before and did the tasting menu. Any recent experience (last two months or so) and thoughts on what's best on the menu right now?

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  1. Was there last weekend, but the menu was special for Valentine's. First visit, was very impressed. Flavors were spot on and well balanced...especially liked a turnip soup with scallops and some oyster "shooters" with fennel and beet. Not much commonality between that menu and the current one, though. They're having a "Pigfest" next week that looks intriguing; the pork three ways on the menu we had was excellent.

    1. I was there recently for a "game dinner." I thought the food was very well prepared and enjoyed the restaurant..though the wine pairings could have been better.

      The menu changes frequently and I doubt any of the dishes we had will be on your menu.

      When I return, I'll probably just do a chef's tasting.

      Enjoy, it's really a great restaurant.