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Feb 19, 2009 05:25 PM

Hell's Kitchen Week 3: Ramsay makes women barf

The only way I'll remember this episode is my husband's comment "Ramsay has gotten meaner"
The forced eating of beef parts that are, in the best of time, acquired tastes is a new low. The barf bags, the gagging....gosh, it just makes me want to get rid of Ramsay from my TV screen.

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  1. I saw the trailer, and that was enough.

    1. I kept thinking of the scene from the movie "Stand By Me".

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      1. re: dave_c

        Loved Jean Phillippe's perfect imitation of Lacey's high-pitched squeaky sniveling!

      2. I don't get it ? they "forced" the contestants to eat ? or was it simply to eat non-standard parts ? raw ? cooked ? prepared ?

        1. I tried to watch it. I started about 8 minutes in and saw a competition where they had to identify where different cuts of beef come from on a diagram of a cow. Out of the 8 answers, the group got 6 wrong - I turned it off. How on earth do you get on a cooking show and not know these things? I mean I can barely boil water and I could have done better (thanks Alton Brown!).

          1. Yeah, I wasn't happy watching this episode. I really felt for these women, especially Andrea who was having a wretched time trying to get that stuff down.

            And why am I not surprised that Lacey and dips**t Seth screwed up the beef cut placement cards on their cows so royally? I completely understand LA's comment that she wished they had lost the challenge to get rid of Lacey and/or Colleen. Disliked that both teams tried to sabotage the other with delayed orders going up to the pass (Red Kitchen) and returned food that was deliberately misordered and then returned to the pass (Blue Kitchen).

            I'm still watching, but not sure for how long...The only ones that seem to have their acts together are Coi, Andrea, and Carol for the women, and the young long-haired guy on the men's team.