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Feb 19, 2009 05:05 PM

Your "signature" drink

I'm writing an article about how people develop a taste for the drink they order anytime they're at a bar or restaurant. Being 27, I still switch it up quite a bit, but having a "regular" cocktail is not lost on me. How did you decide on one? Do your friends know it's your drink? How old were you when you stopped experimenting?

Any input would be great, Thanks!


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  1. If out for a meal in a nice restaurant I'd always start with Campari & soda or a Kir IF there is a nice Aligoté by the glass on the wine list.

    1. If I'm at a fine cocktail bar the whole point is to experiment. If I'm at a place that can't make a good cocktail I order wine. If they have a lousy wine list, then I leave, because I'm in a place I shouldn't be. Life would be boring to boring if I had a signature drink.

      1. I'll almost always order a Negroni, first. It's a good litmus test. Do they shake it *gasp*? Are they too light with Campari *gasp*? Do they not use orange bitters *gasp*? Do they not garnish with orange *gasp*? You get the idea...

        And Campari has the added benefit of being a aperitif. Score. Always a lovely way to start the evening.

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        1. re: mrgrotto

          I don't believe I've never seen a recipe for a Negroni calling for orange bitters. Nothing wrong with it, I'm sure it tastes fine. Just noting.

          I love a Negroni now and then, and I feel safe-ish ordering a Negroni from an iffy bartender. They usually can't screw it up if you tell them equal proportions of the vermouth, gin and Campari.

          In response to the original post, over the years of trying many cocktails, I've narrowed down my list to five or so that really hit the spot. It's just no fun to have an "okay" drink.

          1. re: Up With Olives

            True: Orange bitters is not the norm but the gin and Campari kind of beg for it. Perhaps the *gasp*ing was a bit melodramatic. Give it a shot, though. I also like the flamed orange peel trick.

            You'd think it'd be an easy drink to not screw up, but some bartenders don't believe that someone would a drink with that much sweet vermouth and Campari in it.

            And your 5 go to cocktails?

            1. re: mrgrotto

              I like to muddle an orange slice at the bottom of the mixing glass before stirring the drink; gives it a nice fresh flavor. I also like to use Punt-e-Mes in place of the usual sweet vermouth. I think given that combination the orange bitters won't even register, but I could be mistaken... I'll have to conduct many tests to make sure!

              1. re: mrgrotto

                Top cocktails to hit the spot: Martini, Manhattan (rye), Negroni are tops. Duplex (aka Cin CIn, aka Vermouth Cocktail) if I don't want hard liquor, sometimes a Picon cocktail.
                A margarita now and then.
                Aperitifs/wine/beer also but that's a whole different category.

                1. re: Up With Olives

                  Sapphire and Tonic, tall. Been my drink for a little over a year....right after discovering that Sapphire Martinis go down WAY to easy.

          2. I always order a vodka-tonic with lime, unless I know that the place does a good mojito.

            I used to order margaritas, but we went through a really hot summer where they just seemed too sweet and sticky. It took a year to get the bar staff to realize that I'd changed.

            Oh, and this was in my late 30s, to answer the other part of your question.

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            1. re: tracylee

              thanks for your input! did anyone specifically introduce you to them or did you discover them on your own?

              1. re: CulinaryKate

                Mojitos I first had at the Samba Room in Denver, where my sister lives. I love to make them myself in the summer, and was thrilled to find mint growing at the place I'm renting.

                I think I first had vodka/tonics at my parent's place - although they usually do it with gin, which I can't stand.

            2. Maybe not just one, but a short list, with some dependence on what i percieve as the skill level of the barkeep in question.and some dependence on season/mood, In no particular order of complication (or liklihood of proper ingredients being available); Manhattan(rye), dry manhattan(rye or bourbon if no rye available, with dry vermouth and a twist, stirred and served up), Martini(gin of course-3 &1/2 to 1 with a dash of orange bitters)Negroni, Aviation, Szazerac, Old fashioned, Caipirina, Gimlet, mint julep(only when I can see fresh mint behind the bar) Mojito(same). I guess it's not that short a list, but one doesn't want to get into a rut, does one?

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              1. re: chazzerking

                is there anything that particularly brought you to enjoy manhattans. did anyone else in your life drink them? did you discover them on your own?

                1. re: CulinaryKate

                  Mostly a result of experimentation. My dad is a martini/gibson drinker, gin, and Noilly pratt, stirred very cold and quite dry. I guess watching the mixing process when a kid, helped lead me down the cocktail path, though