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Feb 19, 2009 03:43 PM

Pittsburgh, BYOB, 8-10 people

what do you all recommend? any neighborhood, just not too far out

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  1. Check out Piccolo Forno.
    We were in Pittsburgh this past weekend to visit our son and we really enjoyed it.
    Despite being Valentine's Day, we were seated right away, the service was prompt and friendly and the food was great. We'd definitely return. It isn't a big place but they had a few larger parties there. It's about 10 minutes from the city center.

        1. re: wandasue

          I find this restaurant to be hit or miss. When it is a hit, it is wonderful. It has never been too bad but some nights just seem better than others.

        2. Legume is a really neat place that tries to buy as much as they can from local sources and the food has been very good each time I've been. The menu changes daily...

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            I love Legume, but you definitely want to check if they can accomodate a party as large as 10. It is a small dining room, and the largest group I have seen in there is about 6 or 7.

          2. Lemongrass Cafe, downtown. Great Thai food, BYOB (no corkage or glass fees!), and the attached parking garage is quite reasonable (for being downtown...). Make reservations, though, I've been there on nights that were packed, and nights where there were only one or two other tables occupied. And don't be too impatient, the service is either good or so-so depending on the server and how busy they are.

            BTW, my favorite wine to bring (since we like our Thai food spicy) is a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. A reisling would work for those who like a sweeter wine.