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Feb 19, 2009 03:21 PM

Fun lively BYO that can accomodate a private party

My husband's 40th birthday is coming up and I'd like to have a party for around 40 people. Something laid back, fun, and casual. Cost is definitely a consideration, and we are a group of big drinkers, so I am thinking BYO is the way to go. Any suggestions for a fun lively spot with a private room or area that could accomodate around 40 people on a Saturday night? We live in Montco, but our friends are scattered, so it can be anywhere in Philly or the burbs.

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  1. As you know, most byos are small/intimate so to have a party of 40 will be pretty tough to accommodate for most spots. Some places I would check out are Aqua (big room upstairs) and Mojecte Mixto (pretty big place, can probably hold 60-70 people, no private room). La Locanda in Old City has had parties for about 25 which can be a fun spot if you want to drink and interact with the staff . You may be able to reserve the restaurant for a later seating (9pm) if you call a week or two early. The restuarant can probably do about 35-40 if you don't close the door. I have also noticed that some byo's are starting to charge a fee for larger groups that bring in a few bottles/6-packs.

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      fyi, Molcajete Mixto is now Paxia.

    2. Apamate would be great fun. You would have the whole restaurant

      1. My friends have had fun events at Mustard Greens (2nd between South & Bainbridge). Typical Chinese food, but the quality is great with fresh ingredients. They have a large upstairs which they will reserve for parties.

        1. How about LaCava in Ambler? I'm sure you could take over the whole place for one night.