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Feb 19, 2009 03:18 PM

Mastros Ocean Club or Scotts Seafood

I'm planning a celebration dinner for my wife and she adores seafood, which of the 2 restaurants has the better food and atmosphere? Please help with this hounds


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  1. Haven't yet been to Mastro's OC, but if the service & atmosphere are anything like their steakhouse, the Mastro's hands down.

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      Holy comparison. I must say that I have not been to Scotts in a while and I heard they got a new chef, but Mastro's Ocean Club has a beautiful atmosphere, terrific service, live piano, fantastic courtyard, a patio with a view of the pacific ocean and great food (including amazing steaks) but it comes with a much higher price tag. Go for it!!!!

      I go at least twice a month. Don't forget the Butter Cake for dessert.

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        Mr OCAnn and I were @ Mastro's (steakhouse) on Sunday (for the first time) and we loved it so much that we're going back on Saturday.... And yes, we're getting the Signature Butter Cake again!

    2. I like the atmosphere and have had good service at Scotts, but the food keeps me away now.

      1. Maestro's....hands down!!! The food, the atmosphere, and location. I don't need to say anymore! Enjoy!

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          Agreed, Mastro's OC. ~ Calico Forrest

        2. Scott's has seen its better days- it used to be one of my preferred locations for food in Orange County. Unfortunately, that was in the last century. A series of chef changes with an overall decline in food has left me with no desire to go back. The room is showing its age as well. Maestro's has the better food with prices to match, atmosphere is on the loud side with lots of energy- not the most romantic, but certainly fun.

          1. They are totally different, and I indeed like both, ...but for a special occasion Scott's is a much better pick, although it will also be much more expensive.

            Unlike some other posters, we actually like Scott's a lot for pre-theater dinner. The food is not fancy but reliably good, the service is generally quite competent, and they always seem to manage to get you out in time to get to the theater, regardless of how busy they are. Their fish is always fresh and well-prepared, and although the menu doesn't always list them, they have excellent prime steaks generally available.

            For a special occasion however, Mastro's is a much nicer spot. We especially like the Steakhouse by South Coast Plaza and find it somewhat better than the Ocean Club.