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Feb 19, 2009 03:13 PM

Pork Loin for noshing while drinking

so I am having friends over for a gin and gin night (drink Hendricks gin while playing gin) and decided that I did not want to do a formal meal. I am going to grill a pork loin since I have a coupon (recession friendly) and serve it sliced with a caramelized onion like tapenade and some goat cheese and toasted baguette. I was also thinking of putting out some roasted tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms and perhaps some grapes and maybe some old amsterdam you guys think it will all go well together or can offer some other budget friendly noshing foods

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  1. That all sounds lovely. I had two friends over for cocktails yesterday (which ended up going from 7 to 10!), and made pimiento cheese finger sandwiches that were a huge hit, potted prawns - v. quick and easy - I used half a pound of shrimp that cost about seven dollars - and gougeres, which are dirt cheap to make.

    1. I agree with Ruth - sounds great. Are you serving this pork sliced thin? The only suggestion I can make is to maybe serve the pork with some kind of sauce. Pork loin can be a little dry, especially if it sits around for a few minutes. Something as simple as a balsamic vinegar reduction would work well. Of course fruit works well with pork too.