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Feb 19, 2009 03:13 PM

This Saturday after matinee @ Julia Morgan Theatre: cheap eats + full bar?

San Franciscans involved with Pocket Opera's "La Belle Helene" at Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley seek venue for after-matinee bites + drinks, full bar preferred. Lower end restaurant preferred, walking distance or easy parking. There will be 4-8 of us. Please give me your suggestions! I don't think we have vegetarians, but who knows these days! We want to kick back and have fun after the show. All suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Probably the closest is Henry's in the Durant Hotel. Not much on this board.

    2600 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

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    1. re: wolfe

      That's a really good idea. I was just thinking...the theater isn't that near to anything and the parking is horrible on College and most cheap places don't have a full bar. Henry's had a good review after the new chef started there. Has anyone been since?

      1. re: Glencora

        Used to despise Henry's. Had drinks there on Monday and it was much better. Good bar. And the fried plantains were tasty. Other bar food on menu looked tempting.

    2. Actually, I was hoping for a recommendation between the theatre and McNally's at the Oakland end of College Avenue. Or maybe a Telegraph Avenue suggestion near Temescal. By low-end I meant bar bites under $12 and mains like $15.
      Hounds, please put your thinking caps on for my little gathering!

      1. Inexpensive - Ben N Nicks on College near Keith. Good beer list, full bar, decent bar food. You could park in the BART lot which is really near here.

        How late is your matinee over - a couple other places come to mind but they don't open til 5:30ish, maybe more expensive than you are looking for too.

        Really good - A Cote (College near Taft, a few blocks past Keith towards Oakland). Best small plates in the east bay, great drinks. Probably more expensive than what you are looking for.

        In between - Marica (College about a block below Broadway) Really good cocktails, nice seafood. Again, maybe more expensive than you're looking for but lots of nice apps and small plates in the 6-12 range. Oysters. Small dining room and very limited seating at the bar

        1. Oliveto Cafe with a parking lot.

          Oliveto Cafe
          5655 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

          1. Go to Claremont Diner for eats then walk next door to The Graduate for drinks. They probably let you bring in food from next door. Alt: Noodle Theory across the way. for eats. All will be w/i your price range.

            Noodle Theory
            6099 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

            Claremont Diner
            6200 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA

            6202 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA

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              Yeah, if you order at the Graduate, the bartender will call next door and they'll bring it over, and you'll get a discount. Food is pretty good diner food, and I love the Grad.